Monday, November 30, 2015


Life has been great- here are some pictures from this month

I just thought this was adorable, and can't seem to find the perfect caption for it. Carter is scooting & crawling and pulling himself up on everything. He's such a doll baby

Sometimes if Owen doesn't get a nap during the day, he totally crashes at like 3. NOT my favorite thing b/c then he's up til 11pm, but can't not take a picture!

Just reading the newspaper

ahhh!!! this kid is growing too fast!

Spokane had a Chinese lantern festival. It was pretty cool! 

Love us♥

We went with Grannie, and Log & Julia and fam. We had a great time! 

I'm sad I didn't take more pictures- but one weekend this month, we visited our Midwestern friends over in Olympia. Ryan had a continuing education class in Tacoma, so we all decided to go and stay with Tyler and AmiCheri. Carter LOVED this activity cube. We had a great time!

Carter has been doing this "scrunch" face SO much lately, It's basically the cutest ever! 

Owen loves to help Carter "walk." Carter is very easy going about it as well.

This year we spend thanksgiving with the Maynes family. Here are the boys with Grandpa- they sure love him.
@ thanksgiving dinner- Owen had to finish some bites before he was allowed to get down from the table, so Grandpa and Uncle Doug were helping him do that!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015

Cutest picture award. We just LOVE our little Carter. He's SOOOOOO good.

Turned 9 months this month!  he's 17 lbs 6 oz (12%) & 27 inches tall (5%)  

Family outing to the local fire station.  Owen loves seeing the inside of the truck and talking to the fireman

We went to the circus!  I was SO impressed with how well Owen did. He sat the whole time and just watched. It was very well done and quite entertaining !

I got to go to Riverdance with Mom and some of her friends. Our origial tickets were for the 2nd to last row, and as we were waiting outside for the rest of the group, a nice man who worked for the INB came up to us and offered us front row seats!!! It was soo awesome. What a great show to see close-- it was so good. 

Grandpa Maynes Bday. Owen LOVES birthdays, whomever's it is!  he's always right there, willing to help blow out the candles and open the presents :) 

.....shirt was a little small...

Fall is beautiful in Spokane, It stayed warm for a long time. One saturday we went to Green Bluff. We learned a lot about which farms to go to and which ones NOT to go to. It was a fun filled day, and we even got 2 mini pumpkins!
HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!!!   I LOVE family costumes. And as long as I have 2 little boys who don't care what they dress up as, I will dress us all up in coordinating things.  So, this year we were Mario & friends. It was all homemade and Carter's Toad hat was just the cutest.

We got to dress up a couple of times, so that made it fun. 

The whole gang

Halloween night, we went to Logan & Julia's house. We had a fun dinner then went out trick or treating. It was great b/c Owen really knew what he was doing this year- and was excited to go ring the doorbells and get candy of course!