Sunday, September 27, 2015

our first 3 yr old

Owen has been looking forward to his birthday since like May. He asks almost daily when his birthday was. He could even say "September twenty-seven"  
We started off by having a play date with a few of his favorite boys. Here are his 2 cousins: Dallin & Emmett, and his good friend; Ryan. It was a great little party with a bouncy house, car decorating, cupcakes, and fun!   

BIRTHDAY has finaLLY arrived!!!!  Look at all these presents. oh. my. goodness.

Carter was happy to watch his brother have all the fun

Amazing ice cream cake that Grannie made for Owen

his shrine.

yep, he's definitely a boy

Mom & Dad with Birthday Boy

all the party go-ers

Let me tell you a little bit about this 3 yr old. He's so happy, loves his binkies, loves to eat (mostly fruit snacks), loves his gymnastics class, his cousins, the park, loves to do things himself (brish his teeth, go potty, use scissors, pour his own milk), loves CARS, PLANES, Paw Patrol, & Blaze, he is a great older brother to Carter and is always asking if he can play with him. has such a contagious laugh, is a dare-devil, loves to climb, loves to jump, loves when his Grannie comes home b/c that usually means he can watch a show. He's just SO awesome, and we are so glad he's our first born.

He's already looking forward to his next birthday

Monday, September 7, 2015

ABH 2015

This year Ryan was in charge of ABH. He planned a repelling day, then the next day they climbed Mt. Adams.  

They all had a great time- with just a little altitude sickness, and of course some sore body parts after climbing a mountain in 1 day :) 

Ryan got sun burned from the Mtn..... his lips got it the worse :(

they were pretty bad for about a week and a half. Poor guy could hardly talk and was in a lot of pain. He probably lost like 7 pounds too b/c he couldn't eat.