Monday, July 20, 2015

yaki visit

YAY! We got to go back and visit our beloved YAKI DIT's! B&S took a weekend getaway, and I stayed with the kids. 
Carter loved being back in the arms of Alysee

We got to go swimming while the kids had their tennis lessons. Owen loved swimming with Nate & Coop

Alysee & Chloe are very creative and fun. We colored pictures, the we got awards! 

seriously, this carseat is the worst.

It was a fun, quick visit- I love these ditto kids like crazy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I'm a little nervous what the future holds being the mother of these 2 boys. Owen is captain mischievous and he's very smart.  For instance; he will sneak up to Grannie's room and VERY quietly ask her to turn on a show, turn the volume down, then tell her to shut the door. I don't even know where he gets this. All I can hope for is that Carter will forever be the little angel he is at this moment, and will influence Owen for GOOD.

This is something like a typical morning at our house. I came downstairs when I woke up to find Owen's face like this (who knows how long he had been up at this point?  I did't hear a thing). I ask "what did you eat?'  O, "nothing." I look around and literally cannot find ANyTHiNG out of place. Then I realize he had gotten a candy from a box I had put on top of the fridge. Wow. He had even put back the stool he'd used to get on top of the fridge, AND put the lid back on the box. Yes, he's only 2 yrs old. Then I go upstairs to nurse Carter. ----side story----  Owen knows that we keep mints in the car. He likes to sneak into the garage, get into the car and eat all the mints. So I thought I got smart- and the night before, I rolled down the windows 1/2 way then locked the doors. -----
When I come back downstairs after Carter is done, I can't find Owen. I go into the garage and see that he's just riding his bike around minding his own. EXCEPT he has his mouth shut and isn't saying anything! I thought "no way."  yep. He had moved that little ladder over to the passengers side of the car, climbed through the window, helped himself to a handful of mints, put the mints back and closed the glove box, got out of the car,  moved the ladder back away from the car then hopped on his bike like it was no big deal. This was all before 9 am. 
I'm in trouble.

oh, AND Owen thought it was funny once to drag Carter around on the carpet by his feet- resulting in a rug-burn on C's head. SAD! BUT, in my defense, Carter was laughing while he was being "burned"  oops.

We have started to ATTEMPT to potty train Owen.  It's on and off. He's had a handful of accidents, and he's not in undies 100% of the time. So........ it's kinda not in full scale yet.

This is Owen sneakin a suck of Carter's pacifier. 

Owen loves to sleep with his toys. 

Just watching my boys play. I love it

Unless I've got the TV on to distract Owen, this is what usually happens while I'm nursing Carter

Pretty hard to concentrate

I don't even know. What are you doing Owen?  ..... & Carter could care less

Carter is a fun playmate for Owen to pick on

Every once in a while, Owen pulls out the best brother in the world card and plays with Carter. It's like PERFECT.

Carter is REALLY starting to like this food thing

I love these 2 munchkins with ALLLLL of my everything

Sunday, July 5, 2015

JULY 4, 2015

Independence Day was on Saturday this year- but people got Friday off work too-- yippeee!!!
Friday we went to Lake Roosevelt with the family.

Emmett is teaching Owen how to go pee in the lake!

The kids loved playing in the water. It was pretty warm!

Saturday, we spent the day with the Maynes. 

Liberty Lake had a great community celebration.   They first had a parade that consisted mostly of decorated golf carts, then a fun little carnival with games. Ryan was in the potato sack race and won! He got a free pizza as the prize. Jenessa participated in the pie-eating contest, then her and I did the water balloon toss- which if course it broke on me :( 
 It was VERY hot outside - but we had a great time!
Sure love this holiday & this country!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Oh my goodness. I never thought this day would happen. It's been a crazy-fun-challenging journey. Now we a new chapter of our lives begin.  Applying for jobs was a good experience. We had a lot of different experiences. The first; I started to apply "for fun" while Ryan was finishing up his last rotation in Yakima. I decided to apply for a job in Delaware b/c I thought it would be cool- not thinking that anything would happen. Well, the next day someone called Ryan! Oh, I forgot to tell Ry that I had applied for this job. So! that was interesting. Needless to say, Ryan did not pursue that job. He had another offer land in his lap. A friend from his class found a job opening in Pasco, WA, but didn't take it- so he passed on Ryan's information. Well, the lady called him and wanted to meet with Ry. So one morning, he goes down to interview.  Apparently all went GREAT, b/c she offered him the job on site with a very competitive salary. AHHH!!!! WHAT THE!?!??   He came back to Yakima on cloud 9! A few weeks later, we went down to Pasco as a family to check out the facility and the town (tri-cities). It was nice - and surreal.  It was a tough call b/c at this point it was the only offer we had, but we really wanted to be in Spokane. The lady was very patient with us and was willing to wait for Ryan's answer. In the mean time, Ryan took & passed the NPTE (PT test). Before PT school, Ryan had to volunteer many hours in the field. One of his volunteer sites was in Spokane at a hippo therapy site (PT on horseback).  So, before he went to take the NPTE, he decided to get in contact with his old boss when he volunteered, to see if she had any openings. Oh my goodness- she did! So, before the test, he had an interview with Paula- and she offered him a job. So, here we had 2 job offers, and a big decision! Eventually, we chose Paula Dillon-Mays in Spokane.

Owen loves to visit Dad's work. I mean, who wouldn't- look at all this fun stuff!