Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June :)

June was a hot fun month in Spokane!
Grannie got a little pool for her backyard- and Owen has loved playing in it

Little Carter is a great younger brother. He is getting used to having Owen do funny/annoying things to him- like put tape on his head

Getting together with friends & cousins is always a treat

Chloe gave Owen her old bike- and he's LOVED it! He rides it daily and is getting pretty darn fast!

Grannie is a great spectator from her poarch

Aunt Jenessa took Owen to her friends house and O got to ride a horse! He sure loved it! 
Owen also got an egg from the chicken- as soon as we go home he insisted we cook it and eat it! So we did :) 

Owen LOVES living with Grannie. As soon as she walks through the door after work he runs up to her----- then wants a candy. hehe

The boys are sharing a room- and so far it hasn't been too bad. BUT recently, Owen has been climbing into Carters bed. NOT OK. b/c here he fell asleep on Carter. There have been some really cute moments- like where they are both lying there awake and talking to each other- but mostly it's Owen trying to steal C's pacifier or something.

Carter had his first cereal tasting! He totally loved it! 

Dad's face was hilarious the whole time!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grandpa Ronald James Harvey

Crazy that with in just a few months- BOTH of my grandpa's passed away. They were both 87 yrs old as well. I feel incredibly blessed to have had both g-pas in my life up to this point. Grandpa Harvey was an incredible man who served the Lord until his death. 
Grandma Rose with her kids & their spouses
Grandma is a trooper. It's going to be tough not having her partner with her every step of the way, but I think she'll do just great. 

Great Grandkids 
Owen is front right- next to Savanna

Us with Gma Rose. Not the best picture in the world, but glad we got one!

Cousins Carter & Eliza holding hands! 

The funeral was held in Cardston, Alberta, Canada. It's just a small town- with the temple at the center. We loved visiting and being with so much family.
We will miss you Grandpa Harvey!

Monday, June 8, 2015

5 months!

Carter is 5 months! 

Owen on the left-
Carter on the right

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ryan J. Maynes, DPT

After 3 years, the day has FINALLY come!!!! 
Midwestern University
Doctor of Physical Therapy class or 2015
The day before graduation, there was a class banquet & lunch at a golf country club. 
Ryan & class reading oath

PT wives. 
These women saved me in AZ. We grew so close- had our ups and downs - and how we are forever friends. LOVE THEM!
Love my graduate

Ryan & Tyler 

Carter was a trooper the whole time

LOVED LOVED living next to the Anderson's while we were in AZ. They spoiled us and our kids way too often. We will miss them SO MUCH!

Applegate, Ricks, Tyler, Ry

w/ the kidlets

.....and the wives

...then all of us 

Brian, Yan, ? , Ry, Cody

Flying back to Spokane. It was a great weekend. 
Carter did great on his first plane ride. 

Naturally, we had to celebrate when we got home. The next weekend, we had a celebration for Ryan - for his graduation & birthday. Here is Owen & Gpa Maynes participating in the "kid on shoulder race"

Look at the faces of these kids (and their dads) 

I can't believe our time as students is over! This is all we have known for most our lives - and our entire married life. We enjoyed our time as life was simple. But we are also excited to be contributing members of society- buy a house- NOT move every 1-3 years, and do all those other cool things that career-people do. I'm so proud of Ryan. He was an amazing husband, father and student these last 3 years. He balanced his time perfectly with still doing so well in school and spending a lot of time with me and Owen. We really had a great time in Phoenix and did a lot of fun things. I will always look back fondly on our time as students. Also, Ryan took his PT national exam early and passed!  
What a ROcKSTAR!!!