Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back In Spokane

Well, we officially forever Spokanites!  Ry got offered a job in Spokane and we excitedly accepted. He was offered jobs in Boise, Yakima, and Tri- cities- but we really wanted to be in Spokane. 
On our way back to Spokane from Yakima. 

We decided to put the boys in the same room! so far- so good. 

One night sweet Carter was so tired, he fell asleep in his bumbo! It was quite hilarious

Carter likes to sleep a lot!

It's been so fun to be back. Owen is loving all of his cousin time. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I love B&S

Birch and Sara are pretty dang awesome.  They did so much for us while we were living with them and were so generous to us. Sara asked me if I would like to do some paid odd jobs for people while I was in Yakima. She posted of FB if anyone had any jobs for me to do- and within a day I had people asking me to do yard work, paint house trim, clean, & babysit.  It was great. Then the owner of the local nursery called me (alex also works for him, and he's in their ward), and offered me a part-time job. I was able to work 3-4 days/week for about 3 hours....all the while with Sara watching Owen and Carter. Sara gets the BEST AWESOMEST MOST FAbulous person of the year award for doing that!   It was a huge blessing for us to be able to get that extra money, and that wouldn't have been possible without Sara. 

Here, I am planting little petunias. I really enjoyed my time at the nursery- I learned a lot about flowers and met some great people. I was sad to leave. 

PHOTOSHOOT OF THE YEAR.....................................
I ALWAYS look forward to our photo sessions with B&S. We went to a nearby town and got to spend the afternoon being treated like celebrities :)  The pictures turned out SOOOO GOOOOD. I love them and can't stop looking at them. 
I adore my cute family. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

photos of the kidlets

um...hello! Birch & Sara are the best photographers ever! I am SO grateful to them and all of Sara's time especially, for taking so many fun pictures of my boys. I love photographs in general, and it was a VERY SPECIAL treat to have some high-quality pictures done during our stay.

Yaki Dits

We had the opportunity to stay with the Yaki-Dits and their family for 11 weeks while Ry finished his last rotation at the Yakima Regional Hospital. It was a great couple months and we had a wonderful time. These picts of the kids were taken during our stay and well depicts the good times we had....
Alysee, 12- What a lifesaver! She was so wonderful with our little Carter. She would hold and hang out with him ALL OF THE TIME.  I think she was better at holding him and eating than I was!  Carter loved to be in her arms. She was definitely a 2nd mother to him.  Alysee also worked very hard in school- she was taking a lot of advanced classes and did very well- she's especially good at large vocabulary words! She's very good at hair, and I leaned a few tips and tricks from her!  

Chloe is the nicest 6 yr old. She is full of cute cute personality and loves to do new things. She has a smile on her face most of the time, and is very obedient. She's awesome at sharing. This girl is also the fastest talker I know! Sometimes she talked so fast, I couldn't even understand her!   She has great stories and is so much fun to be around. Chloe also loved to hold Carter, and was super helpful with getting him dressed and changed every day. 

Nate- turned 11yrs while we were there.  Owen loved to play with Nathan, he was very patient with O. Nate loves to play games- which is fabulous, b/c our family does too. He's very athletic and has some mad spike ball skills! Nate loved to play with Carter and was very good at keeping him happy. One thing I notices about Nate is that when he decides to do something, he does it right. He spends enough time on that something and does the best that he can.  Incredible kid!  

Tyler- 14yrs was so easy to be around. He was one of the best helpers too. I asked him to help me out a lot- and he never complained. He also taught me a lot about my phone and how to use it. In the nights, when we were all supposed to be going to bed, we would check our muscles (more like his muscles and my ...???)  in the mirror or have plank & pull up competitions...he beat me every time. I also noticed that he's a fun older brother to Nate & Coop Of course Owen loved to play with Tyler and Tyler was very patient with him.   This picture of Cater was edited by Tyler too- hehe

Sure is fun to be around teenagers!  Alex, 16 yrs has grown up so much. He's got a lot on his plate with sports, group dating, running start, jobs , and family, but he balances it all well and is an awesome oldest brother. He's very considerate of others and makes you feel REALLY good when you cook for him. We got to watch a couple of his tennis matches which was cool. He's a very good player. Ry & I scrimmaged he and Birch..... I think Alex aced me with his serve like 5 times, 

Cooper! He turned 9 yrs right after we left and didn't let us forget that we needed to leave him a birthday present before we went :)  Coop & Owen had a lot of fun times together. Owen learned how to kick a soccer ball thanks to this kid. Cooper is a very pleasant kid and we sure love his personality. He was very kind to Carter and had lots of play time with him in the mornings. Notice in these pictures, he has his shirt on in only 2 of them. haha that's the kind of kid he is. We love Coop!