Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another 2 weeks in Spokane

 After Ry's clinical ended in Idaho, we had a great couple of weeks relaxing & spending time with family and friends in Spokane. I'm really loving this school thing where we get breaks in between quarters! I will certainly miss that :) 

Playing charades w/ the Maynes' 

Kevin describing the army duck walk to us
Owen loves to play with his Grandpa. He was hitting the ping pong ball at Grandpa Marc and was laughing so hard when it would hit him
Owen w/ Rocky & Balboa Jenessa & Justin's dogs
We also got to see Jacob play basketball and Malia play vball. They are good athletes!   We spent a few nights playing and beating ;)  Kelly & Annie at Rook. Ryan was so exciting about this awesome hand he had- he took a picture. Yes, he got a 300 with it 

Carter & I got to go to Canada to my cousin Jodi's wedding in Cardston. It was so fun to see a lot of the Harvey cousins. They know how to party!

On our way home, we stopped and say G&G Ditto.  This was Carter's first time meeting his great-grandma and grandpa Ditto.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with Gpa , but he did get to meet him

Still having pacifier issues with Owen!  We cut the pacifier back in AZ thinking that Owen wouldn't like it anymore. WRONG! He still sucked - even when it was broken. So as we were getting to leave the Kimball's, we decided we were going to "leave the pacifiers" at their house. It worked quite well actually. I think Owen was mentally prepared, and went to bed just fine without it the next day after we left.  BUT he still steals Carter's!  The picture on the left is one afternoon when he was supposed to be napping. He had got out of his bed, found C bink in my room and fell asleep with it on the floor. Stinker! 

Lots of cuddles with Grannie in her bed!  This is Owen's favorite place to "watch a show"

Carter is never starved for attention. Here he is with Owen, and his cousins Emmett & Henry

Lots of naps during our break which is always a nice thing!   Ryan is very good at this ;) 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blessing Day

Ryan finished his clinical in Caldwell, so we packed up and headed back to Spokane for a couple of weeks until our next one starts. The first weekend we had a party at Logan & Julia's property and Carter's blessing the next day. 

YAY for tractor rides! 

Henry holding Carter

It was a beautiful day with lots of family. Ryan gave a beautiful blessing! 
Feb 8th, 2015

Lots of love!
We were lucky to have all our family there except Andrew & Jenna- and Uncle Kenny
We feel so blessed to have this sweet boy join our family!

Cousins! Hyrum & Carter are just 6 days apart!

Also, Carter turned 1 month on his blessing day.  Growing so fast!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kimball stay pt. 2

Some of our memories during the second half of our stay
Calvin & Owen were great buddies. Owen loved sharing a room with Calvin and often didn't want to go to sleep without him.  Owen also was really into listening to the Lion King soundtrack as he would go to sleep. Calvin was such a good "big brother" and would let him listen to the music at night. Calvin also was awesome at sharing his toys with Owen and playing with him. Usually, it was more like Calvin trying to play- and Owen throwing thins or smashing toys together. Owen also increased his vocab a ton while living with the Kimball's

Enjoying an outing at the hot springs! 

Thank goodness Ryan can cut hair!  

The many faces of Owen! 
This is the response we got when we told him to smile for the camera. This is about regular

Yes, this happened. What do you expect when he gets 5 sisters all of a sudden!!??

This picture perfectly shows depicts most of our days in Idaho. These 3 kids (along with baby Eliza- and eventually Carter) were the ones at home during the day. This is how a typical day went. Owen would wake up at the crack of dawn- like 6:30 or so. He would eat his first breakfast with the big kids before they went off to school. Then Tavia would put on a show for him so we could enjoy some more "zzzz's" before the day started. Then once we were all awake - I would eat my b-fast, and Owen would have his 2nd b-fast. Owen and Savanna would play & fight for the next few hours until it was lunch time. I would try and get Owen fed by 11, so he could be down for a nap by noon- BEFORE Bella woke up (Tav babysits her). If they over-lapped in time, it would be constant screaming and arguing for the whole time- with Savanna playing the "referee."  Basically it was a daily battle to get O down for a nap. In and out of bed for maybe an hour or so. NO fun!   Then after that the kids would come home and Ryan- then usually it was wonderful until bedtime again- where Owen would not go to sleep for about 2 hours after we would lay him down! 
SO, this picture was captured at a rare occurace, where everyone was happy. Probably b/c we have spaced them far enough apart so they can't touch each other.   

Carter's first bath! he LOVED it.

Avery turned 10 while we were there. She is such a good girl! She's a great helper in the kitchen and with the boys, and is so happy and easy- going.

Carter's first haircut! He came out with this long dark stringy hair - it was like a bad come-over. So one day while Ryan was at work, Tavia and I got rid of that!

Pacifier Probs!   Owen loves to steal Carter's pacifier!!!!!!

Carter isn't that excited about it

Cute bummbumm!

Having some nice brother time.