Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome Carter Kenneth Maynes

We left AZ at the beginning of Nov 2014, and moved to Boise for Ryan's clinical rotation. When we got to Boise, I was about 33 or so weeks pregnant. Luckily I found a good OB/GYN to go to dwontown Boise, who delivers at St. Luke's Hospital. The last few weeks of my pregnancy were not super fun, and I was ready to have this boy come!  I decided to be induced 6 days early. Due date was Jan 14- I went in the morning of the 8th.   Vaughn dropped my off on his way to work, b/c Ryan couldn't skip his Thursday morning. He had one of his progfessors from Midwestern coming in to do his evaluation. So I went in to the hospital by myself and got started. Some of the nurses were concerned that I didn't have anyone with me; but I assured them, my husband was NOT going to miss it!   I got started on the pitocin right away, then a couple hours later I got an epidural
Getting ready to have my baby!  My body labored for around 7 hours.... I read, tried to sleep, talked to the nurse, tried to think of a name for baby, then Ryan came and we just hung out until it was time. 

He's here! 
Dr. West delivered our sweet boy that afternoon. Delivery was very smooth, I pushed for about 9 minutes then he came...yay!  My placenta had a hard time coming out- and the Dr. had to work at it, as it broke while it was still in my uterus. Hopefully he got it all out and taken care of! 

Carter Kenneth Maynes!   6lbs, 15oz
So....story of how the name came to be.  In AZ, there was a couple in our ward that had a baby a few months prior to us leaving and named him Russell. Ryan told me he liked that name, so I told him I did too- and that I have a cousin named Russell, and he has a brother named Carter which is a name I like as well. Ryan agreed, and so we put both names on our list.  We had a few more names on our list- but Carter won! It's a great name, and we both love it. 
A few more after-shots. Tavia was able to be in the delivery room when Carter came. Wow, can I just say she was an excellent coach! Holy cow- I don't think he would have come so fast if she wasn't there telling me what to do.   Bottom right was when Owen came to the hosp to meet Carter for the first time. It was honestly the most precious thing ever. He was so happy and so soft with Carter. He's going to he an amazing big brother

1st time holding Carter

Ready to go home from the hosp!

The Kimball's made us feel so special when we got home

Yummy cupcakes made by Grannie and the kids. Can you see the "C" on the bottom cupcake?

Grannie came the day after Carter arrived. He sure loved snuggling with her

Owen and Carter's first photo shoot! hehe

LOVE Carter's look in his eyes in this picture. 
He sure is a cutie!

What a goooood sleeper Carter is! wow.....his favorite place to sleep is in Mom and Dad's bed :) 

all scrunched up!

Owen wanted to sleep with C one night, it was pretty cute!  Because Carter was born in Boise, that automatically makes him a Boise Bronco's fan!  Ryan's CI gave him this hat!

Dino-mite kid!