Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chillin w/ the Kimball's Pt. 1

I really enjoyed living with V&T and family for 10 weeks. It was fun to get to know the kids better, be spoiled by Tavia, go on double dates, Ry & Vaughn stay up way too late talking, watching TV on a TINY screen, going to the park on kind of a warm day with the kids, learn new recipes, and a whole bunch of other wonderful things!   Here are some picts to wrap up 2014 at the Kimball's...
Maycee's Birthday!

Enjoying a Christmas Parade!

We loved having FHE every Monday with the Kimball's. Here, it's Owen's turn to read from the scriptures

We tried to do things outside, but mostly it was really cold. One day after work, Ryan rode scooters with Owen. Ryan's schedule was pretty awesome. He worked M,W,F from 7-5pm (more like 6:30-6pm) then on T & TH, he got off at noon (more like 2)- but still, not too shabby.   Those days when he got home before 3pm were awesome!

Making some chocolate-dipped pretzels w/ Grannie when she came for x-mas.

Lots of movie's in our bed!
V&T really went to a lot of effort to make our living arrangement comfortable. We got the big room over the garage, and they put 4 girls in one room, Owen and Calvin shared another room, and Eliza slept in V&T's room. We had a nice large room with 2 desks and even our own bathroom (wow!)!   
Owen's LONG hair before we cut it

O loved playing with Eliza!  She was a very easy-going baby and let the big kids "help" her lots!

Waiting for baby boy to come!

These kids had a piano recital- they did such a good job!

Owen got to sit on Santa's lap- but of course we couldn't take a picture :( b/c they wanted us to buy one. So we took one behind Santa 

Sometimes Owen & Savanna didn't get along very well- Owen had lots of time outs

Owen taking care of his "baby"  ( a baseball) , taking it on a walk, and changing it's diaper. 

.....and sometimes they were the best of friends

we had a flu bug go around - Owen got it, but it didn't last long thank goodness. 
Excited to see what 2015 brings!

Friday, December 26, 2014


We were able to spend Christmas 2014 at the Kimball's. It was a great time!  Ryan had to work the day before and the day after which was kind of a bummer- but we were happy he didn't have to work ON Christmas!   
Christmas Sunday in our best outfits!

Christmas Eve!!   What a great program we enjoyed !
Here is Fernanda doing her talent with Savanna

Olivia & Vaughn played some Christmas tunes!

These two made up a cute rendition of Rudolph 

"Up on the Housetop" preformed by Maycee

a cute Jingle Bells dance by Savanna

...also singing Jingle Bells was the Maynes Family! 

Grannie & Maycee quizzing our Xmas Carol knowledge

Eliza's talent. Sitting up!!!  She rocked it

PJ picture

Our last Christmas being a family of 3!   Love Ry's star on his head ;)

"The Ladies Love Me" 

X-Mas morning! Kimball's got a Wii!! yay!

Owen had a ton of presents to open- he sure loved it!


Posing w/ Dad. Ry is wearing a beanie that Jenessa made!

Owen was super excited to get his present from his uncle Justin

Whew! What a day. This is a VERY rare occasion- Owen doesn't fall asleep much on his own. He was worn out from all the Christmas morning awesomeness

Sunday, December 21, 2014

XMas Card

Here is another awesome Christmas card in the books! Again, thanks a MILLION to Sara for making it possible.   
I think it turned out so cute!  (with Ry's facial hair and all.....haha)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Family Pictures

Ditto Family Photo Shoot!
YAY! I feel like it's been WAY too long since we were able to do a family picture. It's a little tough, b/c the only times we are all together are in the winter (t-day or xmas), so that limits our outside time and apparel (like not wearing coats). But we pulled it off - and it was awesome! We did it the day after T-day, Birch and Sara found this awesome spot right around the corner from Mom's and took some incredible picts. The wind was kinda touchy and there were a few little sprinkles- but you'd never be able to tell. 

all 40-something of us!

Grannie with the Grandkids. I never thought MY kid would be the one to cry in the pict- seriously Owen is like the happiest kid. I think he was crying b/c he lost his car or something. Guess there's got to be one in every bunch. bummer!

B&S took a few pictures of us too!

Love how this one turned out

oh ya, and I'm like 33 weeks pregnant. 

I've always wanted to do a prego photo shoot- it was fun to be able to capture a few !!

sure love my  family