Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ditto Christmas 2014

Since this year was Ditto Thanksgiving, we also wanted to squeeze in our traditional Christmas talent show and gift exchange. So the weekend after t-day, we went to the church and had a fun filled evening!
Talent Shows!  Here's the Kimball's singing

Logan Ditto family singing a little didly

Lots of great talents by everyone- One of the best I would say was Grannie and Addison. They did a sweet drum song thing on stools. It was quite clever. Our little family made up some words to Jingle Bells and sang's how it went

Jingle Bells Owen Smells Mom & Dad laid an egg
Oh what fun it is to move 5 times in 1 year; hey!
... then I can't remember the rest :)  ... something about living for the next 6 months in a house with 12 people ......! 

The gift exchange was awesome. We gave to Brent and Deena family- which we did the 12 days of Christmas. Tav & Vaughn family gave to us which was a "blue" themed bag filled with fun games/gifts/treats. Grannie gave the boys a water ski and the girls a darling pillow and an adorable drawing of each family.   Sure love my family!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We spent an early T-day with the Maynes family b/c Uncle Doug and Aunt Deb came down from Alaska a couple weekends before. It was great for Owen and I to meet them- and of course, Aunt Cherise always provides a delicious dinner. Here is Uncle Doug playing with Owen. 

Thanksgiving morning flag football! Kelly put together the whole thing- it was the Ditto's against everyone else. Of course the Ditto's pulled off the "W"
Logan deep-fried this delicious turkey! 

Barefoot and Pregnant!

Almost ready to eat!!! LOve Love Ry

Owen loved sitting at the kids table


Another awesome T-Day in the books. It was so neat to have everyone there. I am so grateful for all of my blessings!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Spokane in Nov

Well, after a long 3 days in the car, we made it to Spokane! We were able (after a lot of annoying-ness) to put our stuff in storage and just enjoy the 3 weeks off before we head to Boise for another 10 week rotation!
Owen sometimes has a hard time when being shuffled around to new places. He got one of the basement rooms all to himself- but still would not go to sleep at bedtime. This night, Ry was out playing vball with Brent and friends. It was like 10pm and I was ready for I was in bed with the lights off. He came into my bedroom but I wouldn't let him sleep with me. So after some whining he finally left. Luckily he didn't go upstairs and start eating everything out of the pantry. Instead, this is how I found him about an hour later. 

Cousin play time with Dallin. They are about a month and a half apart!

Watching some TV with George, Henry, & Emmett

Good-lookin scruffy men!

At the end of the month they shaved- but the boys left their mustache for 1 day in memory of Grandpa Ken.  Handsome boys!

Owen's new Minnie from Grannie!

We loved having Dad all to ourselves for 3 weeks. These 2 got some good play time in

Another hard night- but at least he fell asleep in bed

We got to see a lot of our friends over the break too.  Here we are with the Martin's. We met them through the singles ward before we were married. We sure love Spokane and the people there. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bye Bye AZ

Our 2 1/2 years in Glendale came to an end. Ryan's PT schooling doesn't actually end until May- but he has 2- 10 week clinical's; one in Boise, ID and the other in Yakima, WA. I had so many mixed emotions as were were getting ready to leave and leaving. I was excited to be closer to family, but sad to leave all the wonderful people we've met. Leaving meant that we are almost done with school- but also that our simple student-life will come to an end just as quickly.  I am HAPPY beyond everything NOT to have another 5-6 months in the scorching heat- but sad that we had to leave just as winter is coming. Overall, I've loved our experience. Phoenix is a great city with lots to do and a lot of great people. I will always cherish our time we spent there on our own with our little family of 3. 
Many weeks prior to moving day (probably like 3 or 4) I started getting anxious to pack. SO I decided to pack was Owen's toys. Not all of them, but a good majority of them. He did a pretty good job at not caring too much. There were a few times he asked for certain things, but overall it wasn't that bad! Makes me think I don't have to unpack all of them?!?

Oh our beloved burnt orange corduroy couch. This is legendary and always a GREAT topic of conversation. It was given to us by our singles ward bishop (Byron Jackson) when Ry and I got married. It was made in the 1980's. We have loved this couch for over 4 years and were actually sad to let it go- but we were VERY scrunched for space this move and had to get rid of more than we came with. 

We also had to say goodbye to our only family in the Phoenix area- the Anderson's. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have them just 25 minutes away. I had only met them once before we moved to Spokane and it was at the wedding.  They are so easy to love and took such good care of us. The girls were SO good with Owen and he loved playing with them. We are going to miss them SOOO much!! 

Moving our stuff back to Spokane was an annoying and expensive process. Seriously, why is it SO darn expensive to move a small apartment of stuff?  We used the U-haul u-boxes which thankfully worked out for the most part and it was nice not to have to drive a big truck back up to WA.  We had some awesome helpers the morning we packed up- these 2 with Ry were the last to leave. Notice the chair- we couldn't fit 2 of them in the boxes no matter how hard we tried. There were a few other things that we just couldn't squeeze in either- But mostly everything we needed fit- yay!

We took the scenic route through Zion's National Park- it was beautiful- but I was a little cranky if I remember right b/c it wasn't exactly planned  ;)

We were happy to finally arrive in Spokane although we're going to miss AZ lots and lots!!