Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Owen had his first dentist appointment a few days after he turned 2!  This picture definitely makes it look a lot worse than it was. On the way back to our room we had to pass 2 crying children, so when we got to our room he was a little scared and started to whine a bit (why don't they put the criers in the back?). But once we got started he actually did really good. The dentist said he has great looking teeth! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Owen is 2 !!

So this was my homemade invite to Owen's party. It was really hard for me to decide what to do for his party. Owen's actual birthday was on a Saturday which was awesome- but it was also on the same night as the women's broadcast for church- AND there was a baptism that I was going to go to before the broadcast. We decided to have a morning party. It's still really hot here, so I felt like if we wanted to do something outside, there had to be water involved- basically that means a pool party. I wasn't thrilled at the idea just b/c we have been swimming a lot this summer. But I didn't want to party in our tiny apt either- so we went with a pool party then have lunch back at our apartment with cake & ice cream. 

THEN!!!!! We realized we have this awesome fish tank that a friend gave us who moved away like 3 months ago. We decided since we're definitely NOT taking it with us on our move, we'd try to sell it! So the deal was, if I could get enough $$ from selling it, we could have Owen's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. 
I was absolutely successful. Goodbye Nemo! Hello easiest bday party of my life. 

Owen was kinda scared of the big mouse- but liked him by the end

It was such a fun party. They treated us so good too. I think Owen may have had attention overload during a few parts of the party, but he had a great time with his friends

So as part of the package, one person gets to go inside the ticket blaster. We decided Ry should do it! It was hilarious. 

He actually did reallly good and got like 2000 tickets or something (that's including the golden ticket). We got to choose ANYTHING on the prize ticket wall -- acutally, not as cool as I would thought- those prizes aren't that great.

Owen & Kavik on the small carousel. This was Owen't favorite ride by far. 

Even the Dad's got some play time 

Owen's cake!

He got a "Pickey Mouse" from Kenzie- he LOvED it

Owen & Brooklyn riding a ride together

After Owen's morning party we came home and had naps- then opened more presents! He sure was spoiled this year. He got more cars from Grannie and a slew of presents from the Maynes side including; toy horses, ball, Mickey Mouse cards, Stuart Little movies, a picture album, a home made sleeping bag, 

Cute pj's from the Kimball's

Owen sure lights up our life. He loves cars, Mickey Mouse, horses, food, playing with Dad, going on walks, playing at the park, eating popsicles, drinking juice boxes, playing with his friends, jumping, watching morning cartoons, and pretty much anything else that he gets to do with other people. 
He's getting to be a really good communicator. He knows what he wants, some things he has to do by himself, but he's still pretty good at letting mom and dad help. 
 At his 2 yr Dr. appmt, he weighed 29.6 lbs (70th percentile) , and was 37 inches tall (no percentile- just tall). Dr. said he was a "superstar."  We would definitely agree!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Some September stuffs...

We've started adding toothpaste to Owen's nightly brushing. He totally loves it thank goodness. One night we found him like this- sitting in the bathroom sink trying to brush his teeth by himself. 

Phoenix got some rain! It doesn't take very long for the streets to flood since there's not much of a drainage system and we live on top of rocks. But apparently there was some flooding throughout the valley from this particular storm. Ryan's school even cancelled classes ! yee haw!! We got a RAIN day!

The water was really high at some parts!

This is the park that we like to play at..... Owen was a little disappointed he couldn't go play as we walked by! oh, and ya- it's still hot. The storm didn't cool it down THAT much, just added humidity. 

One night as Ry and I were cooking dinner Owen got into the cupboard and started playing with my crock pot lid. I knew he was doing it but wasn't that concerned. Guess I was wrong, b/c he totally busted it. I think it really had an impact on Owen b/c he talked about the "broken lid" for a long time after that. oh, and for almost a week we didn't eat dinner b/c I wasn't sure how to cook meals with out my beloved crock pot. 

cool kid

We went to our friends house to paint and play in their little pool. Owen was a little hesitant to get super paint-y haha he'd rather play in the pool.  

the Masterpiece

Sweet McKenzie! She's REALLY good at getting messy ;)