Sunday, August 31, 2014

camping attempt #2

The Larson's invited us to go camping over a a long weekend, so we decided to try it again, as our last attempt didn't turn out that great, and we ended up leaving a day early! This time we went up just north of Payson, AZ into the mountains.

The campground was called ? spring. Like Pine Spring or something like that. Here is the spring. 
yup, good ol' AZ. 

Owen & Kenzie are such good friends and play really well together

oh, so cute! 

Here was our campground. The boys found an arrow and started playing some game of who could get the arrow closest to the ring of dirt by throwing it. 

Lots of hand and feet washing over the weekend!

Muscle men! They were very good at making sure we had enough wood for our fires

We had a wonderful time- Owen didn't sleep that great, but it was worth it. The weather was awesome and it was so nice to have a break from the Phoenix heat. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby #2

YAY! We are having another BOY! Due January 14, 2015.  Ryan and I are both so excited to be adding another member to our family. We are so excited it's another boy too- Owen will LOVE having a brother, and of course Ry loves him some sons! Owen will be such a good big brother - he already loves babies and is very gentle with them. We couldn't be happier! 
We Bleed BLUE!!!!! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

We're back!

So between quarters Ry had a week break- and we decided to go to UT. I was happy to go ANYWHERE, and I am soooo tired of the heat! The timing couldn't have been better either- Ryan's grandparents from PA were coming to UT, as well as Ry's family from Spokane! It was like a little reunion. 

Ry had a manipulation class this past quarter- so Owen and I got our adjustments done before we left!

We drove to UT in one day- Owen did great, so he got some ice cream in Beaver! 

We stayed with Tyler and Jill Demars. We sure had a blast hanging out with them - they are avid board gamers like us! 

I think Owen got in the bad habit of coming into our bed in the mornings after he woke up. 

Owen w/ Asher Demars. They loved playing together.

We were fortunate enough to catch Sydnie at her homecoming talk weekend! She had just gotten home from her mission in Quebec. She gave a great talk! 
Sydnie's mom- is Marc's younger sister.

Playing Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites later that evening! Uncle Steve is a pro at this game. 

With Gpa John!  We didn't get to spend a ton of time with John and Pat, but we'll take every minute we can get!

Uncle Eric was so awesome to Owen. He took Owen on a tractor ride that O just LOVED! Unfortunately, Owen didn't love the 4-wheel ride. 

We spent one afternoon at the park and played a little Frisbee golf. I am REALLY bad at that game, but of course Ry is like the best. Owen loved throwing the frisbees around too.

Love my RyRy

So Ryan's Gpa Richard (Marc's Dad) owns some property up at Strawberry Reservoir.  Gpa decided he wanted to build some sort of shed thing, so some of the guys spent a few days up there building this shed. Ry went up 3 days, and I went up 2. There isn't much to do up there b/c he literally owns like a mountain so it's really steep. There aren't any water toys (boats, jet skiis, etc...), and there really isn't a beach close to where his property is at. The part where he is closest to is really muddy and swammpy!

 haha so needless to say the first day Owen and I were kind of board...
(Gpa Richard has his motor home up there - the commute is really long from Utah valley -like 2 hrs-, so sometimes when he's working up there, he stays the night)

but the 2nd day we went up was a lot better. We borrowed uncle Eric's dirt bikes and 4-wheeler's and made a fun afternoon of it. Ry was a dirt bike master. I think this was only his 2nd time on one!

I also got on and rode around!

Gpa Marc taking Owen for a ride. Owen LOVED it

Me & Jenessa taking the 4-wheeler to the top!

The top of the mtn....beautiful view! 

What cartoon does this house look like?
UP! It's a real-life version!  So cute!!

Playing some cards with Justin & Jenessa! 

Alas, it was time to leave UT. We were sad to go, as we had a great time. On the way back, we ended up staying in St. George with Ryan's Aunt Elyssa and her family.  That night, we got to go to the Tuachan Center for The Little Mermaid show! It was incredible! Here is Captain Eric's ship

Here they are under the sea- there was even real water coming down from the overhead stage prop! 

Ryan's cousin Aaron was Flounder in the show. He did such a great job! These kids have so much talent. 

Elyssa and her family are big time racers! They let Owen sit in one of the go-karts. He loved it, and didn't want to get out. 

On our way home, we decided to take the "scenic" route since it will be our last time before we leave AZ.  this is at the very top of the Grand Canyon. If it wasn't so hot outside that day, I think it would have been  more enjoyable (welcome back to AZ!), but it was still a great view! 
Now back for just ONE more semester!!!