Monday, July 28, 2014

spokane trip

In July- Owen and I got to take a 10 day trip up to Spokane. It has been a very hot summer in AZ and I was really looking forward to a little cool-ness and letting Owen play outside more. 

While I was there, my good friend Ashley Larson got hitched! It was so fun to attend and see how happy she and Adam were. Here's some of the clan who made it to the wedding! 
AM, Me, Ash, Jessica, Falycia

Sue (Ash's mom) asked Jessica and me to do a little song-tribute to Ash at her luncheon. So Mom changed the words to Ice Ice Baby - and Jess and I did a little rap. I'm sure it was quite entertaining!

Me at the wedding- When we were in UT, Amy cut my hair, and I've really loved it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNA!!!!   The Kimball's came up to Spokane too! YAY! We celebrated Savanna's 4th B-day together. Owen was sure happy to spend a few days with her!

Owen in his element. He loves "neigh's" at the moment

Sunday afternoon we had a picnic at Manito Park. It was amazing. the weather was perfect, there was REAL grass (don't see that too much in AZ), and huge trees ! Oh how I've missed Spokane! After we ate, the boys had a sweet game of laser tag! 

One afternoon we spent at the local pool by Annie's house. Owen LOVED this little slide and played on it almost the whole time. We go swimming a lot in Phoenix- but I haven't found a place like this. It seems like there are only splash pads- regular square pools- or water parks. Nothing that has a little play area for kids similar to what this is, unless we want to pay $30 to get in. 

One evening we went out on the boat with the Robinson's. It was so much fun! This was the 2nd time I have ever "wake-surfed" in my life. It took me 2 tries to get up, and I couldn't let go of the rope without falling. It was a lot of fun, and I was sore for 3 days afterward! 

LOVE this face. Owen loves being on the boat.

Jess & me!  

Grannie took Owen and me downtown one afternoon. Owen loved feeding the ducks! 

Love spending time with Grannie!!

Feeding the garbage-eating goat! - a must if you are ever in downtown Spokane!

We got to spend time with Ryan's family too while we were there!  This was the first time we saw Jarod since he got home from his mission. It was so fun to hang out. Here, we're on our way to the park to play

Had to stop and see the goats! 
Also, right before we left for Spokane, we announced that we are expecting another baby!!!! 
Don't know the gender yet!!??

Monday, July 7, 2014

Owen Funny Mom!

Just in the last couple of months, Owen's talking skills have really improved!  We can pretty much communicate with him now! yay! He's very good at letting us know what he wants. Recently, Ryan taught him the meaning of "funny." So now Owen thinks himself as quite the funny person. He will do something silly and follow up with "Owen funny mom?!" Most of the time it is actually funny- but other times when he spills his drink or spits out his food, and thinks that is funny, we have to be sure to let him know not EVERYTHING he does is funny.
He is quite an entertaining kid- here are some fun picts

Showing off! 

At a ward function he thought it was funny that he could fit his head through the chair

Didn't last very long

Owen is in a "big boy bed" (mattress on the floor), so he can get out when he pleases. The first few weeks were really rough, but he's gotten better. One night after we were ALL in bed, I thought I heard something. Owen had gotten into the fridge and helped himself to some strawberries at the kitchen table. One of those times where you're trying so hard not to laugh b/c it's actually NOT a good thing for him to learn!

occasionally he falls asleep on the floor since the big boy bed

He put on Dad's shirt- and was loving it, until he decided he didn't love it anymore. Then came the frustration of not being able to get the shirt off.

Enjoying some free time with his horse! 

Pancakes at IHOP!  Owen LOVES his dad!!! There have been many times throughout the day that Owen will want something - but will ONLY let dad do it for him..... not a bad gig for me ;)