Monday, June 30, 2014

June June June!

Just some pictures from a great month! Ryan started up school again and it's getting pretty hot outside- ok actually really hot. On the radio they said June was the hottest month b/c once we hit July & Aug the monsoon season starts. I can't remember what the high was for June, I think around 113 or so. But we still manage to have a good time thanks to our personality-filled Owen!

Still lots of swimming goin on here!

Owen has been in LOVE with "neighs" (horses) lately.  One Sautrday afternoon I woke up from a nap and Ry & Owen were gone. Ryan had taken Owen to about 3 second hand stores until he found this perfect "neigh." Owen has been riding that thing like crazy!

I turned "28" this month too! eeekk!! Ry took me out on a great date. We went and saw the movie Divergent then played at an arcade for a bit. Call us crazy- but we love arcades! 

We also got to celebrate with the Anderson's. They sure spoil us crazy!  This cake thing was amazing!!! It was like the best ever! 

I love presents!! I sure was spoiled on my bday! 

We also put Owen in swimming lessons this summer with a few friends. It was a mommy and me class for 2 weeks. It was pretty fun at the beginning, but towards the end Owen wasn't super excited about it anymore. BUT I did see a huge improvement in his water skills after we were done with the class. So overall I would definitely say it was worth it. He will now hold his breath under water (for like 2 seconds), blow bubbles, jump in side and go under before we get him, and I would just say overall more confident in the water. Glad we did it!  Here he is after swimming lessons with his friend McKenzie. They are such good buddies and get along great! She's 3 weeks younger than Owen. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

home again home again jiggity jig

Alas- our time in UT came to an end. At this point I was ready to get back in to our own place again, back in my ward, and around our friends. I think I'm an over-packer. I mean, we've wanted a car top carrier for a long time since we'll be traveling a bunch until we graduate, but if we wouldn't have got one before we left I don't think we would have been able to fit everything. It sure made a big difference! 
Here's Ryan and Andrew attaching it to our car the night before we left

We took 2 days to travel home. We stopped in LV and stayed with an old investigator of mine; Michael and Antonette. It was awesome to see them and spend some time with them. It happened to be over Mothers Day Weekend too- they sent us off with a delicious breakfast. Traveling in the car isn't the most awesome way to spend Mother's Day... all well, I'm over it!

YAY! It didn't take very long to get settled in to our new place thank goodness! We had loads of helpers move our stuff. I didn't un pack a log of our things since we will only be here for 6 months. So it's kind of a bare apartment, but it gets the job done! 

I re-covered our dining table with chickens! haha it turned out cute!

Well, we made it back to AZ just in time for 100 degree weather! We are so thrilled about that (not!).   Lots of trips to the pool this summer!

So Owen is such a crown pleaser. People have always told me how cute he is- but I really thought it would stop like when he wasn't in that baby stage anymore. BUT it hasn't. I still get people all the time complimenting Owen. Just the other day some lady stopped her car (in a parking lot) rolled down her window and told us how adorable he is! So this day at the pool there were a few young single people- and they could not get enough of him. They were laughing - high-five-in with Owen- and just being so entertained by him. It was hilarious. Apparently the black guy you see in the picture played baseball for the Cleveland Indians before he tore something in his shoulder. So Owen was showing off his throwing skills! 

One evening we went to a Diamondbacks game! It was so fun. Owen was only interested for about the first 20 minutes - then we had to get creative.

"we are a baseball famiy!"

oh, so! One night I had to go do something and could't make dinner. So I told Ryan what my plan was and asked him to do it. He totally make this beautiful chicken pot pie! He did a really good job- it was so yummy!

One of Owen's favorite friends, Arlo.  They are about 3 weeks apart and just play so well together. We are so sad b/c they moved in June. 

Owen LOVES his dad. 

Happy birthday Ryan! 27 yrs old!!!!  I took him to an indoor shooting range for his birthday present!  He's a pretty good shot!

We also love to celebrate birthdays with the Anderson's. They had us over to swim & party. Owen loved playing with their dog


We have really enjoyed out zoo passes this past year. I just thought this picture was hilarious. Owen even got to feed the giraffe.