Friday, May 9, 2014


Neither Ry or myself have ever lived in UT. We've visited plenty of times, but never went to school or anything like that. We were excited to be there for 10 weeks and have a "mini" UT experience. 
Owen & I spent one afternoon with AnnMarie and went to Temple Square in SLC. This was Owen's 2nd time here (the first was when we were in UT for Andrew's wedding).

Across the street, the church has a museum that's just awesome! They have a lot of cool things- and even a play area for kids.....

....and AM  ;) 

UT is a great central place for people in the West. Krista and her family live not too far from where we were staying- we got to hang out with them a few times! Here is Owen with Lillian

Who knew I had so many cousins in UT!? SO Fun!  Any and all cousins on the Ditto side get together once a month and have a cousin dinner. It's the best. 

Oh ya, and we were there b/c Ry was doing a clinical rotation in Orem. He worked at a Skilled Nursing Facility. He learned he likes the older generation- but sometimes the day moves kinda slow.  Here, the patients were having boat races. Ry helped his favorite patient build her Peruvian ship. It didn't win, but it sure looked good!

Ryan also has a lot of family in the area. His Grandpa lives in Riverton. They snowbird in AZ, so the weekend before they came up some of us went to their house to do a little TLC before they got home

the neighbors have horses! Owen loved looking at them

Owen helping Dad rake some leaves

Grandpa Maynes sure has a lot of stuff! haha, this is his backyard. 

the boys helping Owen be more "man-ish"  by having him hold a big nasty beetle

The hard working men

My studs

Ryan's Uncle Eric lives in Provo- where he houses 6 young single adults. His wife works in St. George, so they commute back and forth on the weekends. Basically, his house is always a party and lots of fun. We went over there a lot to hang out. Here is a delicious chocolate lava cake he made!!!  

Ya know the primary song "popcorn popping" ?  Well, it's legit. Before the apricots come- it really does look like there is popcorn on the apricot tree!!

One evening after we got home we had some stuff to unload. Owen didn't want to get out of the car for some reason, so we left him in the car while we unloaded it. Of course he quickly grabbed the keys and pressed the lock button.

Owen was having the time of his life in here! After about a half hour, Ryan persuaded Owen to push the unlock button with a treat. 

We are SO grateful Aunt Lynette let us stay in her basement. She sure has a lot of stuff tho!!! Sometimes Owen would get into ........everything :( 

Aunt Arlynne and Ry teaching Owen to roll down a hill

haha, getting the hang of it!

Watching the NCAA tourney on the "big screen"

I just think this picture is hilarious. Owen has started to do this a lot with his lower lip. 

One day we got together with Cami and her kids. Cami married my cousin Shawn. It was fun to see her. I'd only met her briefly once before.

Having lunch with some old friends from Spokane. Sure is fun to catch up. Pretty sure we could hace talked for hours!

First bleed!!!  We actually don't know what happened- and it didn't even seem to phase Owen. 

We hung out with an old mission friend of mine; Rochelle Arrington and her son. Here we are actually at the library watching a puppet show. The boys loved it!

Ry and I got to do a session at the SLC temple. It was awesome. I've never done a live session before. I cannot believe the detail inside the temple- and to think it was all done by hand. It's so beautiful. 

Our overall experience was great. Here are some things that I picked up from living there for a few months. 1. There are kids everywhere! I've never seen so many children in my life. 2. I'm sure people from UT all love their grid system for their roads- but I thought it was stupid. This picture demonstrates why. This road has 2 names ( Jennings and 1700 N). Why does a road need 2 names?  It doesn't. It just makes us visitors more confused (cuz a lot of times google maps doesn't have both names). Also, why do to the names have to have so many stinkin directions that go with it? The road names go something like this "North 1210 West." NOT to be confused with West 1210 North. Not kidding. Let's just keep it to one direction and one name ok!?    3. On Sunday the FM station plays church music- kinda cool. 4. The evening news has a lot of LDS action goin on. 5. There are LDS commercials during the Dr. Phil show. 6. Everyone is REALLLLLLy nice.
Thanks for a great time! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

These two.....

.... are quite the pair! Owen & Savanna have a beautiful play-fight relationship. They love to be around each other all the time, but just don't always see eye to eye. 
This is Owen hugging Savanna after he'd climbed on the ottoman and tried to push her off so he could see the computer screen. 

Best of friends- Savanna reading the Book of Mormon to Owen

Savanna teaching Owen that it's fun to climb on the bunk beds (thanks Savanna!) 

Here, Savanna was playing with a couple of chairs in the backyard. Owen of course wants to play with her and tries to sit down in a chair. S was not excited about this and wanted him to get off

So, Savanna got Owen his own chair far away

Then she took her 2 chairs even further away, so Owen wouldn't bother her

But Owen loves to be around her and followed her anyway!

Savanna is VERY good at letting Owen know how things work! 

still was worried he was going to sit in one of her chairs

By this time she was happy to play with him as long as he stayed far enough away

She's quite good at protecting BOTH her chairs!

Now they are BFF again laughing together. Here is Maycee talking to her imaginary friend. 

uh, they are starting to fight again. Owen hits Savanna

So Savanna leaves.  
 annnnnd............. it starts all over again.

the end. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Eliza Jean

Well, Vaughn & Tavia had #6. When you get to that many children I think you just give them numbers? Just kidding. I absolutely adore each and every one of their kids, and I'm so excited to get to know Eliza.  
Welcome baby Eliza!!! 
May 1st
What a beautiful day to be born!!

This is how one weighs a child when born at a midwife center.
Eliza weighed 9lbs ....? something?

The kids were so stinkin excited to meet their new sister. Tav and baby came home late that night and  here we are all waiting for them to get home.  Savanna fell asleep literally 2 minutes before they walked though the door and wouldn't wake up- but everyone else made it!

Beautiful Maycee with Eliza


This was Owen's first time holding a baby this little. He LOVED it. He did soooo good.

He's gonna be an awesome big brother!

Beautiful Avery! Look at this little girl... TO DIE FOR!!

I also got a little time with Eliza- sure had to fight for it though!! :) 

 So, before Tav delivered Eliza- she'd asked me a number of times throughout the week if I'd like to be there when Eliza is born. Each time I responded with a big NO! I just wasn't interested! Well, long story short- turned out I actually did stay and watch the delivery. Tavia is the bravest - most hard working woman I know. I'm not just saying this b/c she *chose to* deliver a baby naturally. She is constantly working in her home, making it a place where the Spirit can dwell. Because of Vaughn's work and church calling, he's honestly not at home very often. I complain more about it than Tavia :) 
There were a lot of things that I loved about Tav's birthing experience. There were also some things that weren't my favorite :)  I've only had one child- but I have noticed that women are extremely opinionated when it comes to other people's birthing choices. Actually, mostly women who choose to get the epidural. I don't know why they care so much if a person chooses to have a baby naturally. I think it's so brave of a person to choose to go that way-and I think they should be proud of themselves and their choice. I don't think they should have to defend their choice to have a baby without medicine.  After sharing this experience with some of my family and friends- they always ask "so are you going to go natural?" Again, I don't know what the big deal is. BUT I will answer that question. Most likely not. I have learned to never say never b/c I've worn skinny jeans, watched a live birth, spanked my kid, yelled at Ryan, and other such things I swore I'd never do. So who knows- but as of now, no. As amazing as this experience was, I still plan on being numb from shoulders to knees and lie in a hospital bed. And no, it didn't scar me from having future kids! Just gave me more respect for all Moms- whether we choose have a baby with a million tubes hooked to our bodies- or in the comfort of our own home.