Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend= amazing

OK Wow. The Utah valley really knows how to make a weekend fun! Easter weekend was the best ever!   There were so many things to do, it was hard not to do them all!
The Landeen's neighborhood does an annual Easter- Egg hunt. It was very well organized and we even got breakfast

TONS of people!

Two of the neighborhood yards were designated for 0-3 yr olds. Each kid got to find 13 eggs. 

Owen was really excited when he found out there was candy in the eggs

Ry & Arlynne trying really hard to teach Owen how it's done!

These cute yellow skinny jeans were Owen's Easter present. They are SO cute!

Looking through his eggs

Yummy breakfast

So at the end of it all, the host has an adult search for 1 egg with a gift certificate inside. Ryan found it!!! yee haw!!! It was totally awesome. It was behind some bricks next to her garage

After that hunt, the Landeens had a little hunt especially for Owen!!

Wow, was he spoiled!

Arlynne had some eggs that were balls (like basketballs and baseballs). As soon as Owen found it, he wanted to put it in the hoop! What a smart kid :)

With the Landeen's. We really enjoyed hanging out with them during our Utah stay. They were so sweet to Owen! 

After naps and dinner - we went to Provo for a Spring Festival.  We weren't really sure what it was going to be- let's just say is was the best festival EVER! 

Ry getting ready to roll down the hill in a bubble thing. They are actually made for soccer so you can bump in to each other, but rolling down a hill is fun too!

haha, it was more for smaller kids

Owen getting to pet the bunnies

....and the puppies

Baseball mascot! We don't know who the Owlz are- but we love baseball!

Selfie with the BYU mascott!

When we tried to get Owen to take a pict with Spiderman, he ran away. !? 

Owen got his face painted like a bunny!  
The best thing about this whole evening; everything was FREE. Also, each kid got an egg at every station. They usually had a piece of candy- but sometimes had a coupon, sticker, bracelet, eraser or small trinkets like that in them. They even had free pony rides for the kids. It was such a cool event.

These 2 kids are on a BYU comedy show. I don't know their names, but Grannie watches it a lot-- and it is pretty funny!

Trying to "recycle" the pop can into bucket!

We also met up with Elaine at the festival. OK, she's stinkin hilarious and so fun to be around.  This picture is of all the free stuff that wasn't actually "free"  but we somehow finagled ourselves getting it for free. SO fun....and quite the accomplishment ;) 

Easter Sunday!  Here we are with Aunt Lynette outside of church

For dinner, we went to G&G Maynes house in Riverton. After we ate, Ryan entertained us with a puppet show- Owen loved it!
What a great Easter Weekend. !!! 
I am so grateful for my Savior and His resurrection. I know that because of Him I can live again with my adorable family. yay!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Maynes Family Visit

Ryan's family came down to UT for their spring break. Grandpa Maynes stayed with his dad (there was a lot of work to be done!)- while Grandma Debi, Jenessa, and Justin stayed with us @ Aunt Lynettes! 
Jenessa is such an amazing Aunt!  She slept in Owen's room - and in the mornings when Owen would wake up, Nessa would get him up, changed, dressed and fed! I was in heaven!

Playing outside with Gpa - in tye dye of course

We had a whole week together. Most everyone else had things during the day- so we got to spend the days just us. Then in the evenings, we'd meet up with other family. The first day we went to the Dinosaur Museum @ Thanksgiving Point! It was really cool. This picture totally looks like they are actually there!

Owen loves the dinosaurs!

I love having a little sister!  Jenessa did my hair and I loved it. She wants to be a cosmetologist someday!

Then of course we had to get our toes done! 

Playing at the park after Ryan got off work

Family picture - missing 3 members of the fam tho!

One day, we went downtown SLC to the Church History Museum. 

They had an area upstairs for kids. Here's Jenessa and I learning how to dance

Fishers of Men -- haha

Grandma Maynes sure spoiled Owen while she was here. She bought Owen these super cool nike shoes. Owen loves wearing them!

picnic in the park next to Lynette's house

I don't know if Owen has much of a choice in his baseball career-- he's predestined. Both Mom and Dad are huge ball fans!

But sometimes Owen gets tired of throwing the ball with Dad- and would rather play around a tree

Family kickball! hehe boys vs. girls.   I can't remember who won....hehe

Sure had a good time!

My boys!

Family bbq @ Landeen's. It was also Marc & Debi's anniversary!  Sure is fun to get together. The Maynes' has a lot of family in UT

We also went to Scheels. None of us had ever been there- it was such a fun place. It's like Cabella's and Dicks combined.  So they have this huge Ferris Wheel in the middle of their store! Cept Owen couldn't ride it (even with me) b/c he was too short (LAME!!!!!)  

Mixed feelings about the taxidermy animal display!

Enjoying some Gelato @ Scheels!

The last night they were here, we had some serious Lazer Tag games. 
Sure was an awesome week!