Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank goodness for NFIB

Kelly & Annie got to go on their annual awesome NFIB trip in March this year to the Bahamas- so I stayed with the kiddos!  What's better than spending a week with your cute nieces and nephew and a free trip to Spokane!?  This was the 2nd time I've watched the kids during their trip- and it gets awesomer every year :)

TIM TAM SLAMS! I had been saving these delicacies since Thanksgiving - and finally found the perfect time to bust them out. Let me tell you- it was a hit!

Can't enjoy a TTS without getting it allllll over the place!

Addison got a hold of my camera and loved taking selfies!

Maren and Owen were 2 peas in a pod. They were so dang cute together. As soon as Owen would wake up from nap he would immediately say "Maren" and go find her.


My 2 buddies in the car!

Owen got to Skype with Dad while we were gone. He loved it- we sure missed him! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun @ Tav's

After Nica, I spent a few days with V&T before taking Owen back to UT. 

Owen LOVED playing with these 2 girls! They were home all day while the older kids were at school. He sure loves them. 

Savanna is sooooooo cute and has such a spunky personality!

The movie- Frozen. SUch a big deal!  It hasn't even come out yet on DVD and these 2 already know allll the songs. they put on a cute singing show for us one night!

Maycee was very patient with Owen and is a great cousin

Our afternoon at the lake!

It was kinda chilly - but so gorgeous

Owen LOVES jumping on the tramp.  Here he is getting some air- with only one shoe of course. 
It's always hard to leave their house. Owen just loves being around all his cousins - and I love talking to Tavia. So here we go.... off to UT for 9 weeks!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nica- last day!

Our last full day we spent at the house- I'm sure glad we did, it was a fabulous day. 
Another view of our place

Most of Friday was spent on the beach and in the water of course! Mom would often put her chair in the water and watch her children- until the sand started swallowing her up- then she'd move to a different spot! 

haha- I don't know what's goin on but Annie is happy about something!

Lots of surfing the last day. Ry was getting the hang of it a little better. He started to catch the save before if broke and almost would go horizontal with it

Give him 1 more visit to Nica, and he's got it down!

The water was SO warm- fun to ride the waves

yep- movin on back! 

Of course my favorite part of the day was some awesome vball. We were all pretty good sand vball players, and even had some intense games going on. We did have to move the court once or twice b/c the tide came up! It was so much fun!!!!

We love vball! We've been playing together for a long time- in fact the first time we met was playing vball. We make a good team :) 

 We looked all over for cool surfing shirts but couldn't find any really good ones (that weren't $20). the last day, Donald gave Birch a cool surfing shirt!  This is a classic Gonzo photo bomb picture. He loved to do that! 

After a delicious lunch we needed some naps. I love this pict b/c it shows Ryan's tender side ! hehe

Whoa! What a surfer hunk!

The boys got in a game of frisbee. Ry has serious hops

Enjoying ever last minute!

That evening we lit some lanterns (actually only 1 ended up taking) in memory of Grandpa Ken. I think about him often and know he would have LOVED a trip to Nica during his lifetime! 

All of us!!  I have the best family in the world!
 (Ry and I are on the far left)

Kelly is a GoPro master. He faithfully recorded the whole trip and did interviews at the end. He always puts together a sweet video after we are done- can't wait to see it--- GoPro style!!!

We love you Nicaragua!!!!!  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Nica day 6

Before  we headed north for the day- we stopped at the "San Juan Del Sur" sign. It's a pretty fun sign! 

First stop.... Volcano Masaya! This was the little welcome center museum. I'm actually not really sure what picture we are standing in front of. Looks like Jesus on the cross? But I actually don't remember anything like that- so maybe it's some Nicaraguan on a cross- either way....sad. 

We were able to drive straight up the mountain then just look of the edge! This volcano is active- hence the smoke in the background coming from it.  

Masaya actually wasn't originally in the plans- Gonzo just kind of took us there. I'm glad we went - it was cool to see. 

While serving my mission, I served with some spanish-speaking companions and in spanish speaking areas (in Nevada)- and for having NO background in that language I actually got pretty good at understanding if I do say so myself. Well, it definitely must have been the help of the Lord- b/c I couldn't understand or read a lick in Nica! I have no idea what this sign says.

Mom was amazing- with how much pain she's in she never once complained. We were so glad she got to come.

We headed down the mountain for some lunch. It took a little longer than we would have liked - but it was good food and fun to sit and chat!

Our lunch entertainment! Logan requested some random Spanish song, they happened to know it and Logan got up was dancing and singing along like crazy. It was hilarious. Again, no idea what they were saying.

After lunch we headed to the actual town of Masaya- where there were amazing local shops. It was like a huge outlet mall- Nica style. The most fun was bartering with the locals and trying to get the best deal. I figured out a system that really worked. I would put a different amount of money in each pocket. Like $1- 2 in my front pocket then $5- 8 in each of my back pockets. Then when they wanted $30 for something, I'd decide how much I was willing to pay for it and pull out my $8 and say that's all I had. A couple of times they ladies said no and I walked away- and they came back after me and agreed to the deal! It was awesome. I think them seeing the money helps! Anyway- that's how I got my Nica nativity. Then we headed to Granada. It's a very old city with lots of history. The picture above is in Granada. It's one of my favs. This little girl is just taking a nap while her mom tries to sell!  

This is a Nicaraguan hearse

Nicaragua has some beautiful colors! Granada was especially colorful. Here are the gals in front of the cathedral. It seemed to be the main one- as it was in the heart of the city. We did get to go inside, and it was beautiful. It was built in 1583.

Stopping for some Gelato! 

We went on a quick touristy walk with Birch and Sara. It was fun to go with them b/c they see things that I wouldn't. Sara has a very good eye for cool things- and awesome picts! They took this one of us (actually they took most of the pictures I've used) in front of some sweet graffiti!

Lots of times we'd pass by an open field with kids playing soccer or baseball. We wanted to join in!

In front of Lake Nicaragua

This was my other fun find- it's a baby swing. Someday I will hang it from my huge oak tree in front of my country cottage for my little childrens! 

Who needs a Chevy to haul wood when you've got a make-shift wagon with a skinny horse and two 9 yr old boys!? 

This was one of my fav. days. I loved seeing more in depth the culture and lifestyle of these people