Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hockey, Running, & Baseball, oh my!

um, hello! Who knew a city in the desert has a pro hockey team!?  Yes, Phoenix has a hockey team! I think the only fans are the snowbirds that come down from Canada during the winter months (there were A TON of old people with the maple leaf on their shirt). But hey- it's obviously enough to keep it going! 
We got to go with the Bradshaw's. Their son; Arlo is just about 3 weeks younger than Owen. The Hockey game was quite entertaining. This was our first Pro game. It was a lot of fun!

Maybe Owen will grow up to be a Hockey player :) 

Outside of the arena, there was this a common area. Fun to take some picts!

Owen loves to play outside!

Ryan's PT class helped put on a race for Parkinson's. I think we were supposed to pay $ to enter, but Cortney and I decided we'd join anyway :)   

Ryan ended up finding and walking with new friend. She was from some country over by Europe- yay! 

So once again, winter is just beautiful in Phoenix. We love to go to the park after Ry gets home from school. This is the first time Owen used his new mit and ball that he got from Uncle Kevin at Christmas. Owen did pretty good!

We think he may be a lefty!!??

2 peas in a pod

These 5 boys were all born within  about 3 months of each other. Elliot on the far right is 2 weeks older than Owen- then the other 3 are all younger than Owen.  They have spent a lot of their first year and a half together. It's sad b/c we are all students and will soon be headed in all different directions. It has been so cool to have so many boys to play with who are all so close in age! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

you ain't got a nose, unless it touches your toes.....

Well, this one time I had a nose job. I had a septoplasty in Jan. I was actually really excited to have my septum fixed. I have had a hard time breathing for as long as I can remember. Well, it was an AWFUL EXPERIENCE. ewe. I'm glad I never have to do THAT again. but I guess it was all worth it- I can breath REAL good now. But the whole recovery thing was a nightmare. For the first week I had to sleep sitting up-ish and breath through my mouth. I really have a hard time breathing through my mouth- I could not fall asleep like that. Mom told me to try sucking on cough drops. It definitely helped a lot! By the morning, my mouth felt real disgusting, but I did get some sleep this way. After that first week I got my stints out- then I could breath, YAY! My nose still hurt and was swollen for a VERY long time. The Dr. said it would be a 6-8 week recovery- but it's been 12 weeks and  my nose still hurts to the touch. I have forgotten what it's like to have a regular nose. Glad it's all over! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Overload!

Wow- Xmas time already! We sure had a great time up in Spokane for the Holidays!  

While Ry was back home in AZ for the in between time of the holidays- he and some friends camped out at Cabela's b/c they were doing a giveaway for the first 200 people in the store on Sat morning. All that effort .... and Ryan got a $10 gift card. Even better- he forgot to cash it in before it expired. SURE glad I was in WA :) 

Owen and I were SO EXCITED to have Ryan back for his Christmas Break. He drove all the way from AZ to WA in a day and a half. He gave Ann Marie and her roommate rides so they helped him stay awake!  Here we are at the downtown mall. Kelly and Annie treated us and Andrew & Jenna to The Melting Pot... YUMMO!!!!

Christmas Morning! hohoho!!! This is what Santa brought Owen. He sure loved the excitement of Christmas. It was an awesome morning! 
Grannie & Tavia making breakfast!

Everyone enjoying their gifts and stockings

Owen Loved his fake phone he found in his stocking!

Ryan's new look. Sweet coat with some nice shades. Man, he's good lookin. 

I GOT A VITAMIX! YAYAYAYAY! Ryan and Kevin got this for me - I'm SO excited to start using it!

Xmas afternoon we went over to the Maynes house. Owen sure was spoiled. After the first or second present he definitely got the hang of it. He loved tearing open the presents then handing it to the nearest person to open. Then he was ready for the next one! It was quite funny after a while

Gma and Gpa Maynes sure are nice to let Owen play ping pong ON TOP of the table. He could have done this for hours. 

The festivities of Christmas week kept on going... Here the gals and Grannie are decorating some chocolate covered oreos!

One day we went to the Children's Museum downtown. Owen really was loving it! 

A day swimming at the YMCA! It's been a long time since we've swam indoors. The water was a little chilly for us Arizonians!

Friends get together at the Larson's. Love these ladies!

Alas, it's time to head home. We had a great vacation - but were excited to get back to the warmth! Our car was packed to the brim! We had 2 car seats for Owen thinking maybe he could sleep in his infant car seat and be awake in his forward-facing one. It kind of worked. He did take his first nap in this one tho. We tried to smoosh blankets and sweaters on either side of his head so it wouldn't be all droopy. Our trip back ended up taking quite a long time. 12 full hours the first day to American Fork. HOLY COW! Owen did pretty good considering- he was a little whiny the last 2 ours but did really well. Then the second day we picked up another traveler and drove about 10 hours back to Phoenix. Owen is a good little traveler. Next time I think I should bring dum dums just in case.  Ryan's school started Jan 2nd (LAME) so our New Years Eve was a major dud. BUT, we are excited about 2014 and ready for what lays ahead!!!