Friday, October 25, 2013

We love October

What a wonderful month this has been! It's finally below 100 degrees!!!!  The mornings and evenings have been just perfect. It still gets a little warm during the day- but no more complaining for me! We've had a wonderful long awaited month outside!
Todd & Maggie were so generous & gave us their bike stroller. This was Owen's first ride. HE LOVED IT. He was just giggling the first 5 minutes. We've gone on quite a few evening and morning rides since.

Ryan definitely notices the extra 18 lbs- but doesn't complain

By the end of the bike rides this is what Owen looks like

We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends. It was kind of hot that day but really fun. This was our horse-hay ride!

The Swiss', us, Bradshaw's

Arizona's version of a "pumpkin patch"
definitely a different experience than a Spokane patch, but still great

Love my family!

We went on a double date!! wooo hoo!!! I think this was our first official double date with a paid babysitter EVER! It was so fun. We went to the corn maze!

We had so much fun running through the corn maze. We rocked that thing. We went with Tyler and Amicheri. They are great friends and neighbors!

just in case you'd ever like to know how corn is grown...

Me & Amicheri

oh to be young again.

ha, I don't even know what to say.


O.K. So, Ryan & I have played on a total number of 6 intramural MWU teams since being here. We've NEVER won. We've gotten 2nd place like a gazillion times and were blood- thirsty for a "W." We put together a killer V-ball team for the co-ed upper division v-ball league. 3 of our men played in high school and 2 of us played in college- so we were pre-destined to win right!? YES!  We now can leave MWU happy and fulfilled. 

Super Happy- b/c we ALL know I LOVE LOVE to win.

This is Owen @ the zoo! He sure loves animals and can make some sweet animal sounds. He wanted to get as close as possible to each animal

yes, he did fall over the fence INTO the rhino cage. Don't worry, I caught him by his foot. The Rhino didn't care.

Owen, Arlo, & the monkey....I bet you've always wanted a monkey!?