Tuesday, August 27, 2013

11 months

Growing up way too fast!!! 

Happy 11 months Owen !

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lake Cavanaugh 2013

So, Lake C has been a family reunion tradition since I don't know when...but it sure is fun!  Thanks to Annie & her family, our family gets to enjoy a weekend there every summer. This is my first time blogging about it- and I'm not sure how I'm just supposed to pick some of the pictures- so here are lots and lots!

All of the boy cousins were just lovin life. This picture says "we love doing our own thing all day long and eating is just a nuisance!"  

The big boys had quite the afternoon of tubing. 

Ryan thinks he was champ

the little boys did lots of tubing too- this is one of my favs- Cole's face is hilarious!

Owen loved the bubbles


Malia choreographed a fun dance- and the girls did a great job performing it

Lake C. is full of action shots!

 Ry doing his barrel role on the wake board....it's up to you to determine if he landed it or not!

The Ladies right before they went tubing!!!

I LOVE SARA!  ---  this is all b/c she saved Grannie from a terrible fall!!!

my terrible fall

Chloe & I riding the waves!

Owen & Emmett-can't wait for their turn

I'm pretty sure I have the most cutest best nieces alive!!!

Well, I tried wake boarding for the first time ever- I got some serious air

Henry is just so cute!

Look! Ryan DOES have a chin!

Pretty sure Owen didn't like wearing the life jacket this much

This is what happens when you stop moving on the jet ski with 2 heavy people on it

Aug in Spokane Pt. 3

 We had a great time in Spokane- we were so glad when Ryan joined us! 

We got to spend some time with Andrew & Jenna. We went downtown and ate Dick's at Riverfront Park & just enjoyed hanging out

Owen loved the carousel ride! 

um.... I think Owen gained 5 lbs during out whole trip. Grannie quickly became his favorite- she was very good at sneaking him treats!

Splashdown! Wow, we hadn't been to that place since like 8th grade. Still fun- even amongst all the 9 yr olds.

Owen w/ Aunt Jenna

Owen started to become more and more interested in walking during these 3 1/2 weeks. He's going to catch on very soon!

We went & watched Kelly play in his men's softball game

Day at the Temple with Ben & Michelle!

Owen loved Grandpa & Grandma Maynes' tramp

Helping G-pa BBQ

The Maynes clan

Game night with Brent, Deena, & Fam

Owen loved their little kitty!!! I think they may have been playing some sort of game

One of Owen's favorite things to do

I love spending time with Jenessa! She's so much fun and such a good Aunt to Owen! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

August in Spokane pt 2

YaY for family reunions! So my dad's side had a reunion "in the middle of nowhere Idaho." It was actually an amazing site. Every thing was close in proximity, the weather was perfect, the mountains were gorgeous, and the company was perfect!  Getting there was only to take about 7 hours from Spokane....but of course when you caravan with 3 families, its bound to take like 2 hours longer! We did hit some HAIL BOMBS the size of something huge, totally cracked K&A's windshield! crappy! But, we only had to pull over once for emergency throw up,and let me tell you, Lucy did AWESOME at not getting it in the car!!! We were sure glad when we pulled in, and it was definitely worth the semi-hard trip (but we won't complain, b/c others had to drive further)!

Ok, Savanna is just adorable. GREEN FOR KEN DITTO FAMILY!! 

So there was this awesome homemade water slide- the water was FREEZING, but it was actually pretty fun. Owen even went down with me :) 
Some crazy kids decided to do a midnight water-slide run. 


Tavia actually planned the whole reunion. WOW she did an excellent job. Everything was just perfect. Here is her families talent :)  Yes, Tavia is holding Savanna up while she is sleeping. 

Grandpa Ditto!  

There was plenty to do during the day. I'll just say Ryan and I were the KOOB champs :) 

Cousin Rachel taught the gals this darling Bollywood dance. It was sooo cute!

Owen's talent. "Moon Walk"

Grandma Ditto- she amazes me.

We love our green!!! 

Grandma did a little genealogy lesson of our family. We come from some pretty good crop!

A miniute to win it sort of game. Cutest little mummy I've ever seen!

We sure love our family- it was so fun to spend this time with them!! 
oh, and we also played the most awesome and fun softball game EVER!!!