Monday, July 29, 2013

What do we do in 107 degree weather?

So, it's hot in AZ. Like H.O.T. And despite what others may tell you, it's hot for a very long time. Like from May-Oct. I am SO tired of the heat- like I'm over it. But there isn't much I can do- so this is what we do inside ....

We look at ourselves in the mirror. 

We have friends over to play. This is Talon and he looks SO cute in this pict!

We try with all of our might NOT to take naps
(this is kind of a hard picture to see, but he's sitting with his head leaned against the crib)

We (try to) learn how to share

We watch TV for 3 seconds

We pull every toy out of the box and every book off the shelf (at least 3x/day)  then climb into the bucket. Then realize we don't know how to get out of the bucket. 

We play in the cupboards

We teach ourselves how to eat with a spoon

Later.... we eat the food on the floor that didn't make it into our mouths during lunch

We let girls beat up on us

We entertain ourselves while mommy's ignore us at OUR play dates

We test Mom's patience when she tells us not to touch the TV 

Then, for the hardest part of the day...... Sometimes (while Mom is trying to make dinner) we have to barricade ourselves in the family room to keep us from crawling into the kitchen and begging for food or getting into all the drawers and cupboards. We do NOT like this!!

A little while ago, a lady in our ward (who does not have kids) asked me what I do all day to keep busy. I was a little put off by the comment especially from a grown woman, but I guess I can't get that upset b/c I used to think the same thing; "What do stay at home mom's to all day!?" I won't get on my soap box very long on this one- but I would like to say that I simply enjoy playing and spending time with Owen. He makes me so happy and his little personality is so dang fun. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE nap time too, but I do genuinely love to spend time with my kid. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kevin's Visit

We LOVE visitors!  Kevin recently returned from Italy and Afghanistan (he actually did 2 tours) where he served in the army as a medic. We are SOOO grateful for his service and that he returned safely.  He will now be attending UVU in the fall where he hopes to become a Marshall. 
We had an awesome day at the Children's museum with Maggie, Charlotte and Elizabeth!

Owen loved it all!

Playing the drums

After the museum we hung out at the Anderson's for the rest of the evening. Owen was exhausted when we got home from such a fun day!
No one can come to our home and NOT watch a 3-D movie! Tonight was Jurassic Park....and it was way awesome. This was Kevin's first time meeting Owen. It was a great weekend and we sure loved having him here!
We went out to eat one night at an Indian Restaurant. Just thought this was a cute pict!

Owen still loves to eat!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Turn that frown upside down

So lately, Owen has learned how to do a grumpy face. It's hilarious. He's been frowning a lot lately....

but then ALWAYS follows up with a super big smile!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Owen + Food

Equals some serious drama if he doesn't get fed when he wants to! Owen is a FOOD MACHINE! It doesn't matter if he just ate a whole cow, if anyone is eating he will be right there with mouth open grunting- and will not stop until you put some in his mouth! 

ok first off, corn on the cob is SO good and it's in season here for a long time. This is the first time Owen enjoyed some of his own cob

He loved it

When we try and take it away he is NOT happy. He holds onto that cob for dear life. Food is his new love. 

He knows what's coming!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day

I love America. I even love Arizona (hard to imagine in 105+ degree weather). We have been so blessed to have some awesome friends here. The boys got a long weekend off of school and a group of us went up to Heber-Overgaard, AZ to get away for a few days over the 4th.

Here we all are outside the condo. Love our homemade shirts!?  


This little place was so beautiful it almost looks fake! The condos were even on top of fun little shops.

Just thought Owen looked so handsome in this outfit!

EVERY night was spent with us staying up WAY too late playing games !!

One day we went to a small lake about 20 min away. 

No swimming- but some fishing! cute!