Thursday, June 27, 2013

9 MoNtHs

Owen is 9 months old!
Holy camoly!  He is such a delightful kid. We sure love love him!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pinkeye :(

Baby Owen got pinkeye!!! I don't know how he got it, I think it must have been from the Children's Museum, b/c none of our friends got it. He got it in both eyes but it only lasted a few days thank goodness
His poor little eyes were very red and pussy

So the day after we figured something was wrong, we called the pediatrician and got a prescription for eye ointment. We had to put in his bottom eye lid 4x/day. He was a VERY good patient and seriously never even once cried or flinched away....that could have been b/c we always did it while he was drinking his bottle :) nonetheless, he was spectacular. 

The pinkeye didn't seem to bother him much, Owen would rub his eyes occasionally, but other than that he was his happy normal self!

Just a cute pict

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it's officially been 3 years since Ryan and I tied the knot.
Now that I'm a blog momma & wife, I think I'm supposed to insert here some mushy braggy stuff about my husband.  I'm not really into that b/c whenever I read other people's blogs about their perfect husbands and lives, I just feel bad about myself :) Let's just leave it at I love Ryan and he loves me, & we are still happily married :) 


Ryan surprised me BIG TIME by taking me out to a Spokane Shock vs. AZ Rattlers arena football game!  Ryan proposed at a Shock game, so I thought it was #1 awesome that they came to AZ the same weekend of our anniv, and #2 so thoughtful of Ry to figure it all out (he even packed a bright orange shirt for me to change in to). 

We both love arena football- it's awesome! 

ON our actually anniversary (June 19th), we went out to eat with Tyler & Cortney at an Indian food place. Our friends in Spokane; Ben & Michelle introduced us to Indian food a couple years ago- and now it's almost our favorite

Outside the restaurant, there was a really nice park area. Even though it was kind of hot, we enjoyed walking around

oh, we LOVE each other SOOO much :) 

Some cowboy statue

Owen & McKenzie
It was a great anniversary weekend, and I am one blessed lady!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day weekend was great!  Ryan is such a great dad to Owen- and loves to take care and play with him

Again, whenever we eat, Owen is right there with his little mouth wide open!


so happy

Sat we went swimming- Owen loves to swim with Dad, b/c he's a lot more fun than Mom.

cute lil bummbumm

Father's Day bfast! Wasn't SUPER awesome, but maybe better than cereal!? 

Our little picture! Notice we are matchy matchy :) 

Best Dad Ever! 
Ryan is really a natural at being a Dad. He never complains about getting up with Owen, changing a diaper, or any other non-super fun thing to do that comes along with having kids. He stays home with Owen Sat mornings while I go to work for 3 1/2 hours, while I'm at mutual on Wed nights, and any other time I'm gone.  He always knows what to do and what Owen needs. He and Owen are two peas in a pod. They love playing together and Ryan is the only one that can make Owen laugh REALLY hard!   Happy Father's Day to a man who is a great example of what a Father should be! 

Friday, June 7, 2013


So while Ryan was in Tucson for his first rotation, Ann Marie and I decided to take a road trip to Texas to see Ryan and Jessica in San Antonio, Texas! It was my first time to this great state, and It did not disappoint!
Cute Cute Connor. He has the cutest little words and is a very happy kid

Here we are at the zoo- it is hot like Phoenix except humid. I've been in the humidity a lot in my life, but not for a while. A good reminder that I prefer a dry heat!

Hippos! Morgan was very good with Owen- she loved playing with him

We love Aunt Jessica!   Jess is expecting on July 4th. Another boy!

bath time!!!!! 

Can't go to San Antonio without seeing the Alamo.  Texas actually lost this battle....bummer....

Ry & Jess treated us to some real Texan BBQ. It was DELISH! Owen especially loved the cheerios we brought for him ;)  
Walking the Riverwalk- which was very cool.

 We had such a nice time with the Robinson's. Jess and I became best friends (I think- seems like we've been friends for much longer) our sophomore year of high school. We love to be around each other and love making our own fun :)   the Robinson's and the Ditto's are distantly related, but Jessica and I definitely claim it's close enough to be called family!

On our way home, we stopped in Tucson to p/u Dad! Owen and I had to hang out for a few hours before he actually got off work. He was just a great kid hangin out.  Owen actually did very well during the 14 hour car ride each way. There were just 2 times where either me or AM had to go back and sit with him. We did break up our travel by staying in El Paso, TX. AM's mission president lives there and they graciously let us stay in their home 2 nights.

This face.