Friday, May 31, 2013

Who needs a puppy?

When you have an Owen!?  Ok ever since he started crawling, he's done this hilarious thing where he'll be sitting playing with something then he'll put it in his mouth and crawl to where he wants to go. He looks like a little puppy doing it. It's so funny- ANYTHING he's playing with will go in that mouth.....see below......

So he'll crawl to destination with object still in mouth then stand up

this green thing was his favorite for a while

Even when he's chillin in his seat, he'll just hold his toy in his mouth until he's ready to play with it again (in this case it was a ribbon)

He held this sack in his mouth for quite a long time while we were waiting in the car one day for Dad. He just went about doin his thing--- but the whole time he had this in his mouth

He's very serious about this!

big or small....doesn't matter

I think by this time, he was so used to the camera in his face he's started to "pose" now

serioulsy.....ANYTHING he's playing with !!!

this one didn't turn out the best, but it was his Easter basket

Again, play with the toy, put it in his mouth to go somewhere...

...then stand up and go to the next thing- all the while with toy in mouth

goin through the laundry with a sock in his mouth

Our hilarious  -better-than-a-puppy- Owen!  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ry turns 26

So Ry's birthday was on a Thursday and it was during his first 3 week rotation @ a PT clinic in Tucson. Last year, Ry and I were apart for his birthday b/c he'd already come down to AZ for school and I stayed in Spokane for a few weeks to finish up @ Eastern. So this was the second birthday in a row that we were apart. SO I surprised him and drove down to Tucson and was there after he got off work. I definitely took him by surprise, he had NO idea. It was awesome. 
I did some online research for a good place to eat- and decided on a Bosnian/European place. 

We shared our dish- it was called "Chef's surprise" there was A TON of meat! There was so much food on this plate we barely made a dent. It was pretty good- and fun to try something new. The staff treated us extremely well and were so kind to us. I would definitely recommend it. 

We went to IKEA the weekend before Ry's birthday-- thought this pict was just darling. 

When Ryan came home for the weekend, we had a little party and Todd & Maggie's.

Owen LOVES being thrown in the air

Fun in the pool!!!

I just love the way Ryan looks in this pict! I sure have a handsome man!

Where's Owen?

There he is!! We started dunking him at 6-7 months maybe? At first he didn't like it too much- but now it doesn't even seem to phase him. He's going to be a good little swimmer! 

Owen loves eating anything we are!  

He's very focused - making sure it doesn't go anywhere

Even though it was a really cold treat, he didn't seem to mind!

Todd, Maggie, Charlotte, and Elizabeth are so awesome! We sure love having family in the area. They are sooooo kind to us and we love doing things with them. Charlotte and Liz are excellent cousins to Owen- he sure loves them! 

Ryan is always a hit with kids!

Owen may hate this pict when he's older, but we couldn't resist. 

HAPPY 26TH!!!!!

We ended a wonderful evening with some fireworks!!
Ryan is such a good man- Owen and I really REALLY love him!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

***8 MONTHS***

ok, we have the cutest 8 month old on the planet! This is such a FUN age- and it helps that Owen is like super happy all the time. He rarely stops smiling- @ church on Sunday he was standing on the pew looking behind us and he was smiling and giggling- and I didn't want to look back b/c sometimes he smiles at nothing so I would have been embarrassed if I would have looked back and no one was noticing my darling kid. But then after Sunday School, a friend came up to me and told me how he was just charming everyone behind us and they couldn't get enough of Owen.
Owen's personality is starting to shine through. He loves people- and it doesn't just have to be mom or dad, he loves anyone! He does some pretty silly things and he likes to tease and he knows when he's being naughty (like climbing on the TV stand) b/c he looks back at Ry or me and smiles and waits until one of us go and get him down from it. He is still a crawling machine and pulls himself up on everything. He hasn't shown much interest in walking yet- he gets around pretty good on his hands and knees. He laughs at his dad A LOT. Those two really know how to have a good time. Owen loves food. If we made food available to him 24/7, he'd eat that often. We can't eat anything without this little man crawling, pulling himself up on our knee and just waiting for someone to put something in his mouth (like Father like Son).
Been a great 8 months.

Friday, May 24, 2013

First Hair Cut!

So we decided to give Owen a little hair cut. He doesn't have much hair, so there wasn't much cut off, but it was getting just a little long and stringy.

We first had O watch Ryan cut his hair...hoping it'd help :) 

And it did... he was VERY good the whole time

Monday, May 20, 2013

Young's visit!

I've mentioned this before... I LOVE how AZ is a vacation spot!  We have had more (personal... like just come to visit us)  visitors here than we every have in our lives!  Keith, Krista, and their daughter Keira came from Tacoma to visit us over the weekend. Keith and Ryan played baseball together at TCC and have been buddies ever since. It was so much fun to hang out with them, and to watch the kids "play" together!

Of course we spent LOTS of time at the pool !

Owen has always loved bath time---but pool time is a little different!  Believe it or not, the pool water is still a little chilly in May  He doesn't really cry in the pool, but we don't get many smiles from him either (which is rare). We've gone a number of times and have even dunked him on occasion. He's getting better, but we think when the water is warmer, he'll be happier!

Owen got REALLY tired and was almost falling asleep. 


Once his head dropped on the floaty, he discovered that if he made sounds, it echoed throughout the tube. So he sat there for some time making "whale" noises-while half asleep. It was hilarious.

The very proud Dad's with their kiddos!  Both these guys are awesome Dads!

Owen & Keira!