Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monumental "firsts"

April was a happening month for us. Owen is growing up so quickly. He is the happiest baby I know. People ALWAYS stop in the store or wherever there are people and just love to look and coo at him. He is always smiling back at them - and is very interactive with them. 

Owen's FIRST "ride" in his new walker! He doesn't spend a lot of time in here, but he does like it.

Watching "UP" for the FIRST time with Charlotte. Owen has learned to sit up on his own now. So fun!

Owen's FIRST tooth poked thru this month. The days prior were a little rough, but he's been very tough and hasn't let it damper his spirits too much!

So happy that that tooth has finally come thru!

FIRST  time flying! 

FIRST real bath in the bathtub without a support. Owen LOVES bath time he never even complains when I get water in his eyes :) 

FIRST  swing ride....loved it!

O's FIRST 7 months :)    

Monday, April 22, 2013

We may be a betting family

Sometimes we need to make things more interesting!  Since most times it's just Ryan and me at home - after Owen goes to bed we like to play games. We play a lot of the same games over and over like Monopoly Deal, Mille Bornes, Phase 10, Planet Earth (when I can get him to play with me), Catch Phrase (we've made up a 2-player version), and more Monopoly Deal. So sometimes we make bets. Ryan's is always the same (take a wild guess), but mine changes every so often from dishes to something more exciting. *side note *  When Ryan was a teen, he shaved his head and a good friend made fun of his head shape. Poor guy- so he's never gone shorter than a specific length since then. Well hahaha (evil laugh) THIS time before we started our game of M.D., we decided that we'd keep our wager secret until the game was over. Ryan lost. hair.cut.short.  With all the fiber of his being- he did NOT want to do this. BUT! he did - and despite what he thought,  he looked GOOOODD!!!! (oh, and yes, Ryan cuts his own hair :)  )

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April= summer in AZ

I've decided that April is AZ's "July"  It was such a fun month- full of "summer" actvities... cept Ryan is still in school :) 

Ryan was on 3 intramural softball teams for Midwestern - and I was on 2 of them. He was on 2 PT teams, and one ward team. The team pictured here was one of the PT teams. We went to the championship game and lost! It was a sad day. We also got 2nd in the ward team as well. Ryan was definitely a key player in all the teams. We are totally bummed we didn't win b/c this will be our only time we can play in the softball intramural league. 

We had a fun pool party with some friends! We dunked Owen for the first time.... he didn't LOVE it!

He loves to be outside

Finished off the night with some good food- water balloon vball and yummo treats!