Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb. Happenings

We have made some really great friends here in AZ. It's fun to do stuff together. Glendale had some sort of festival or carnival that we enjoyed ! 

We took a tour of the chocolate factory. It was amazing. 

Afterwards we HAD to purchase a slice of chocolate covered cheesecake. um, probably the best treat I've ever had. 

Here, with our great group of friends - all the husbands are in Ryan's PT class. 

PT wives... maybe we could have our own TV show??!! probably not, not that much drama ;) 

Cute daddy/son picture

When Ryan stays home with Owen on Sat. Mornings, sometimes when I get home this is how I find them.

V-day package from Grannie! 

Still just as happy as can be. 

nice little hike :) 

the Ricks'


Sometimes I'm not the most awesome cook in the world, so Ryan does things to make my cooking things more flavorful.... here he added Cheetos's to the pasta.

some MLB teams have their spring training in AZ!!!!!   You can get lawn tickets for pretty cheap and enjoy a baseball game- it's pretty dang fun, and the weather is perfect. 

 Holding hands under the umbrella with McKenzie

Ryan got a fly-ball !!!! 

nothin better than baseball game with good company :) 

this is how we go on bike rides with Owen. HE LOVES THEM!  

5 months old- and still so happy and good. 

Ryan had a week break this month so we decided to go and visit his grandparents who snowbird in Quartzsite. They took us to Mexico one day!! Ryan and Owen's first time!

Shrimp tacos!! YUMMMMMMMY!!!

Painting the trailer with Grandpa!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Some things you should not buy cheap

Usually it's ok to buy the off brand of things... like peanut butter, t-shirt, purse, laundry detergent, juice, shampoo, etc.  But when it comes to the seat that your 5 month old sits in-- no wonder the BUMBO is so popular. 

I purchased an off brand "bumbo" for $5 from a lady off of craigslist. This thing was made for a kid with a pretty large bum. The only way we were able to get him to sit up straight in it (sometimes ) was to stuff blankets and burg cloth down the sides. 

eh-- not too bad you say!?

and.....after 5 seconds- this is tho position he would remain until we would come and get him out. 

Look at our strong boy! We borrowing a bumbo from a friend who isn't using it right now... THIS is how it's supposed to be :) 

HAPPY boy - not hunched over.  (no he's not on my counter ;) )