Thursday, January 31, 2013


Being in AZ in January is awesome. The weather is beautiful- and people actually can go outside in a t-shirt.  Here's some of our happenings this month.

Walk in the park with friends

Sometimes Owen needs to be attached to one of us to be happy. This was Ryan's solution to a fussy kid while he was doing the dishes. All smiles now.

MLK Day hike!  Some other couples in Ry's PT class and us hiked Camelback Mtn. It was actually a pretty intense hike. 

Owen did SOO SOO good the whole time. He loves to be outside.

Us, Applegates, Ricks.

some of the parts were super steep- here there is a hand rail to help you get down.

Ry was champ hiker! His legs may have felt like jello after we were done- but Owen was safe and we all had a fabulous time

Owen with his hiking friends- Josh & Kavik

I hosted my first "play date" more like a luncheon for the Mom's to get together and "play"  Owen is the oldest of these 4. Then Arlo (left of O), McKenzie, then Benson (he was born mid December). Such cute kids!

Ryan's grandparents are snowbirds in Quartszite, AZ. It's about 2 hours west of us. So we went and visited them! Owen sure loved his great grandparents!

Ry forgot his Sunday clothes..... Doesn't he look good in Grandpa's!?

Just chillin.

Ryan is VERY good at teaching Owen the "next" thing that he will need to learn. Here we are working on putting one foot in front of the other. Usually it's crawling, but today it's walking.

Our SWEET 4 month old. Owen makes us smile daily. He's seriously the happiest kid around!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cutest XMas card on the block!

So here is our Christmas card! Birch and Sara took a whole bunch of fabulous pictures then choose this one for the card- that Sara designed. It was our first Christmas card ever as a family. Sara did an excellent job  I think it should win some sort of prize for how good it turned out - we got SO many compliments! We just provided the DANG CUTE kid!

Friday, January 18, 2013

poor baby Owen

I guess one of the downfalls of being the first born to us is that we are poor poor college students. I NEVER knew how many cool baby things there were out there. I pretty much could use them all, but this will have to do for now. 

He hasn't got the "reach for things" down yet- but I think we're getting close!

 Owen really likes himself, so sometimes I put him in front of the slider - and he pretty much loves it. Cheapest entertainment I know of.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ode to Andrew

My only little brother just got married!  I'm no longer the most important woman in his life ;)  I love Andrew so so much. He is 2 1/2yrs younger than I am and it's just been me and him at home (when we did live at home) since he was 10 and I was 13 (or so). He would always play with me and do pretty much whatever I wanted to do. Usually I'd cheat or change the rules to win- and for some reason he'd keep playing with me. He's pretty much the best little brother I could ever ask for. Here's to you.....

It was a beautiful wedding in Utah where Jenna is from. Jenna is a lovely woman and I couldn't be happier for AJ. He did good!

As per Ditto tradition, there was a fun program @ the luncheon. This is Uncle Mark with his famous moves!  The brothers changed some words to the Delila song and sang it- the sisters did a "My name is Andrew Ditto, happy I will be..... etc..."  The nieces danced with Andrew- the nephews danced to MJ- and Tav & I did a little talking. It was pretty much another awesome production!

The reception was held at a nice reception center! It was on the top floor of a building, and it even had a small ice-skating rink! Rodger (Annie's Dad) was the photographer (he also photographed Ryan and my wedding), he took some great shots of the family

Here's EVERYONE! We aren't missing a single person in this picture....35 people!! 

Couple with the nephews!  Owen is the one on the right in Andrew's arms

The Bro's & Jenna


All adult kids w/ Mom. We are now completed! 

Rodger was kind enough to take a family pict for us! I sure have 2 handsome boys in my life!

In the mean time, our little man turned 3 months!  I know if I was like super- mom I'd have him in the same place- same position every month so you could really see his growth er whatever- but this is what you get. A picture of Owen on the floor with a home made sign on whatever piece of paper is closest. I really love being a mom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012!!

Woop Woop! We love Christmas. This year there was lots of debate in the Mayne's household of what we were going to do for Christmas. Andrew and Jenna got married the 28th of December- so driving all the way to Spokane to only stay for 2 days didn't seem like a good option. So we decided to go to Idaho and spend it with Vaughn and Tav's family. Luck for Owen and me, we got to fly there a week early to hang out while Ryan finished his last week at school!

The kids adored Owen and were so good with him. I'm sure it was fun for him to finally see other faces besides Mom and Dad!
Owen just soaked it all up!

Tavia could sure make him smile

Andrew was also at V & T's for Christmas. He was like a little lost puppy without Jenna. It was fun to spend some time with him one last time as a single man

YAY!! Daddy finally made it!! Ryan drove all the way from AZ to be with us. We love him soooo much

Vaughn and the kids took us to their local park  where it was decorated with lights galore! It was so awesome. The bridge was a little frozen, so it was like ice-skating when we went on it

Christmas Eve arrived!! Ready to get the festivities started! These red candy-canes were quite the hit in the Kimball home!  

Olivia & Avery played the piano- and Maycee led the music while standing on one foot! Pretty talented if you as me!

Tav played the flute for her talent- it was so neat - She said that her kids have never heard her do this before....she's still got it!

Savannah was glued to Andrew and Ryan!

V & Calvin sang some cute cute songs-- they sure have good voices. 

oh- this was a talent not to be missed............

candy cane

Baby Owen -- his first time playing Baby Jesus!! Quite the moment in our household!

The whole nativity!

Owen's pj's! Owen was so totally spoiled this Christmas! Is it bad that Ry and I actually didn't get him a single present? He had plenty from Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents ;) 

TRUE DATTT!!!!!  (almost got it)

Matching pj's for the ladies!

Again, sad little puppy. But he was a good sport!

V & T are seriously an amazing couple. I love to watch them with each other and with their kids. Even after 10+ years of marriage, they still have so much fun together

again, the candy cane.....big deal

We wish you a Merry Christmas........


Adult white elephant! The shirt that Tav is holding actually lights up!  I think Mom got the ultimate gift though..... a fetch toy for a dog.... haha, who brought that?!?

Ry Ry's new toy!!!! I told him the rule is; if I have to say his name 3 times before he responds, it goes on the shelf for a week time out ;) 

Christmas morning was awesome. We woke up after 7am, opened presents, had a yummy breakfast then just relaxed the whole day!  Lots of movies, games...

and naps!

Calvin got a sweet castle lego set- I think they set it all up in one day!!

Owen in a new outfit... He sure loved his first Christmas!!!