Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Maynes Family

In August Birch & Sara did a photo shoot for us while we were at Lake C.  Here are some of the beautiful pictures that were taken

*Owen's face*

This is such a great pict of Owen-- I think I especially love it b/c he has some great facial expressions with very expressive eyebrows. 

B & S did a great job- and we loved how they turned out! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

turkey day

Ryan had 3 weeks off of school for his Thanksgiving Break! woo hoo! We boarded a plane to Spokane - and headed into the cold!  Owen was pretty good on the plane for the first hour. We had a whole row to ourselves where he sat in the middle seat for maybe 45 minutes watching Batman or some movie on the ipad with us. The last 2 hours or so-- it was a little harder! BUT we made it and were super happy to be back to visit for a bit!

All bundled up to play outside for 4 minutes 

Just the cutest little guy!

We may or may not bribe our child with candy!?  I'm wearing a cute head scarf thing that Debi made for me

We spent a lot of time at the Maynes' house- here is Owen playing computer with Uncle Justin

Baptism of Dave & Phoebe! We were thrilled that we were able to attend their baptism. This is the husband and stepdaughter of Cherise (Marc's younger sister).

3 handsome men!

We didn't get a lot of picts Thanksgiving Day unfortunately. But here's what we got at the table.

The other side of the table..... Tday was spent at Aunt Cherise's house. She actually went to culinary school and is an amazing cook/baker.

As always, the after party is great (after the naps too). We sure had a great time.

Family picture with the Maynes' (in tie dye of course)!

Owen & Mom

Me & Jenessa. I sure love this gal- she's like the younger sister I've always wanted!

Owen had a great time and was so good. We are SO GRATEFUL for him

I just thought this picture was cool for some reason. It reminds me of a still shot off a TV show or something!?  

Also, over TDay break, Ryan got to be a fill in for a basketball team that he'd played with when we lived here! Lucky for him- and they won the championship!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 AGW

All Girls Weekend was awesome. All the sisters in the family got together over Veteran's Day weekend to make memories, build friendships, have a great time, and be KID FREE!!  

We made carmeled apples one evening for our husbands. It was so fun!

They all turned out looking scrumptious

Love Love !

Craft time was Monday morning. We made Christmas gumball machines. 

Ooooo I just love them! They turned out darling! 

It was so cool that all of us could make it. Some other things we did were go shopping, see "Captain Phillips" at the theater, and sleep in : )  I sure love my sisters!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween X3

Halloween was hopin this year.  We had parties up the ying yang! Good thing Kevin gave us 2 costumes for Owen! 
Our first Halloween event was at Midwestern. The school puts on a "safe Halloween" carnival for the kids. This is Monkey Owen trick or treating for the first time. He liked to take breaks and eat some candy. They had candy and decorations in the various classrooms and hallways in the school. 

Suckers are his favorite!! We didn't even open this one for him- he chewed right through the wrapper and got the the gum in no time. He wasn't too happy when we took it away.

Midwestern did a REALLY good job - it was a lot of fun

Fishing for the kids!

Owen won a cupcake at the cupcake walk! He sure love that

A normal face for Owen- wanting food. 

@ "Willie Wonka's Walk"

Our 2nd party was the ward trunk or treat. I had to leave early to help set up, so Ryan got Owen ready and he said Owen started pouting as soon as he put on his costume. 

Our family costume..... can you guess what we are!?
Kung Fu Panda!

With our good friends the Larson's

One of the Young Women was doing face painting - I loved (both of) my panda!

Trunk or Treat! Ry did a great job at decorating our car.

Our last Halloween party was with out PT group of friends! Sure love these people!

No dressing up for mom and dad this time

Before we went trick or treating we had a yummy dinner with soup and bread bowls!
As we were trick or treating, we came upon a super awesomly- decorated house. There were some freaky parts!

this is Owen's " I just saw something scary" face