Thursday, October 25, 2012

Internship & Graduation!

I ended my internship in Sept, about 2 weeks before I delivered. It was a great experience and I grew to love the residents. This is Stanley and Annie. They are an adorable couple who came faithfully to the "bouncing ball" class.  Brittney is on the left, I interned with her. 

One of the many sit and be fit classes. This is Elenor and Edna, they happened to wear the same shirt on this day! P.s. ALL the ladies buy their clothes from the Blair catalog!

My last day! I was sad to leave

Todd and Maggie took us to a Diamondbacks game! 

I scored some FREE cotton candy....still haven't lost my touch

Uncle Kevin sent us some adorable baby outfits!!

So I waited until my internship was over to get the baby's room ready. It took a lot longer than I thought it would! Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to Owen's stuff.... we all appreciate it!
YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm a college graduate!!!!! It only took me 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduated with a Bachelors in Science in Community Health from EWU.   Feels pretty dang good!

To celebrate, we went to the Temple, then used a gift card that we had to The Cheesecake Factory! mmmmmmmm lettuce wraps.

Slide Rock

Over Memorial Day weekend, AnnMarie came and visited us! We spent the day at Slide Rock- a national park with natural water slides. It was pretty cool. The water was FREEZING, but fun nonetheless.

Yay AM!

The weather was just perfect! Slide Rock is just outside of Sedona- so it's cooler than Phoenix. What a great day!

Vegas & San Diego

Ryan had a break inbetween semesters of school, so we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas and San Diego! We were able to stay with Uncle Dean and his family. They treated us to a Vegas buffet at Sunset Station! It was awesome!

We spent one day at the Paris hotel swimming. 

Bellagio! This was quite the show

Vegas Temple. We did a session on the way out of town

When we first arrived in SD, we stopped at Balboa Park. It was beautiful and cool outside! In AZ, we had been used to over 100 degree weather! It was so nice to come here where it was in the 80's.

We didn't actually go in- but cool sign

BEACH! i had been craving beach time since moving to AZ. It was just gorgeous!

In San Diego, we stayed with Josh and Michelle. Michelle and I met at SVU. It was so fun to see her again. We met up in Old Town and ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. SD has the best Mexican food! 

Oh geez, poor Ry got burned at the beach- He's now ready to join the Cherokee tribe with this thing.

Sea World! We loved Sea World! This dolphin show was particularly sweet.

Even though it was in the 80's and overcast, I was STILL hot. We spent quite a bit of time in the Arctic Exhibit! This is an ice wall that I became very fond and familiar with.

Sweet wale show

Mom and Dad took a picture similar to this many years ago- I was excited when I saw the flamingos!

Again, on our way out of town, we stopped and did a session at the temple.... wow, it is pretty amazing inside.

Whoa- I'm married to him!!!!!!  

Look at my "little belly!

more happenings...

In order to finish my degree, I had to complete an internship. I was able to set one up in Mesa at a retirement community. I worked in their wellness center- helped teach exercise classes, did health presentations, played bingo, did crafts, and just enjoyed being around so many fun seniors! So my commute was 51 miles each way on the freeway. I'm not used to traffic, and boy was it horrible! So they have a carpool lane here and it relatively empty during rush hour---- so I just placed my empty car seat (I did place a blanket over it so you couldn't tell there was no baby!) in the back seat of my car and cruised in that car pool lane. It was awesome.

oh ya, still can't cook! Yes, I cried. 

Still prego! I got this from Grandma Red- and it was a lifesaver when nothing else fit! 

Is this really happening?

Am I now one of those bloggers that I've so intently vowed never to become? Next thing I know, I'll be purchasing a minivan...............not a chance.  This isn't some "Beckie Home-eckie"  blog. I can't sew, my poor husband hasn't had a home-cooked meal from me in a month, I have 5 unfinished books that are sitting on my shelf just because I'd rather watch Reba instead of read, crafts are only fun if they last half hour or less, I don't decorate, I don't make cute little throw pillows for every holiday- BUT! I CAN clean! That is one thing I gleaned from my 20 something years of living with my "she can do EVERYTHING" Mom!

Now off my soap are (is?) a plethora of pictures to describe the last few months of the happenings of the Maynes Family!

 Ryan graduated from Eastern Washington University in Exercise Science in June 2012! He was accepted to Midwestern University for Physical Therapy School. So we headed down to Glendale, Arizona for the 3 year program.

 Ry had to go down early while I stayed in Spokane to finish the quarter at Eastern. So it was left to me to pack up and get all moved down! I couldn't have done it without the help of amazing friends and family. AnnMarie and I (mostly AM) spent an afternoon packing the u-haul...and I've got to admit, we did a pretty dang good job!

YAY! We made it to Arizona! Logan was a saint and drove down with me to AZ. It was a long 2 day trip- and I was SO grateful he went with me. That Budget van was NOT fun to drive. I think I drove a total of 3 hours- then Log drove the rest of the way. When we pulled into the apartment, the boys (Uncle Todd, Log, Ry and a friend; Tyler) unloaded that truck in record time! It was ROASTING outside- so I think they wanted to get it over with as soon as possible- not to mention a ha--boob was on the way!  After they were done, Log made a trip to the store and bought out their entire ice cream and Popsicle section!

So happy to be back together after 3 weeks of separation! 

Before we left Spokane, I begged Ry to fix my bike that I got as a little girl in Prineville. It was pretty much shot-and would have been more expensive to fix than it was worth. So Ryan surprised me for our anniversary and my birthday with this DARLING bike! It was super hot outside this summer, and I was like really prego, so it hasn't got much use yet- but it will!

We were excited to go to the Mesa Temple and do a session- just gorgeous!

Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game!